Pain On Feet When Walking

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    I’m a 16 years old and have hip and feet pain when walking?
    Like pain on my left hip and the back of my right foot so not sure why?
    Could I have arthritus this young? =/ Since I stopped drinking tea and changed to green tea I don’t drink milk anymore, but I do have eggs everyday like omlette or boiled eggs with bread and butter or cheese sandwhiches etc all protein to keep my bones strong right?
    I only wear comfy trainers.

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, I get that, You May Be Flat footed, and it may be a stitch in your hip, If not, Go to the doctors seriously they can help with anything, When I went I Was flat Footed Just Had to Wear These Special type of shoes for a few days no biggie :)
      Hope I Helped
      -Lydiee ‘x’x’x’x’

    ball of feet severe pain when walking PLEASE HELP!!?
    am pretty flat footed, over last few months when walking even when just shopping i have severe pain in ball of feet. Feels like when i step my heels and toes are 2nd to tread, its as if i am just walking on the bones/joints of ball of my feet only. My back and my knees now starting to hurt. need something to give me an arch but for ball of foot too. Someone please help, hurting so much now x

    • ANSWER:
      I too, am very flat footed. But my whole foot would hurt when I was on them for a lengthy period of time. Arch supports would worsen my pain. I was told to buy a pair of New Balance cross training shoes. I will tell you they are the best shoes in the world. I wear them everyday!! I bought a pair of white ones i wear most of the time. And I have a black pair for when I have to dress up a little more. Try them if you haven’t already. Get the wider size. It will give your feet more room and comfort, and might lessen the pain. I really feel for you!!

    restless legs at night and foot pain when walking long distances?
    at night i find it almost impossible to sleep without one of my legs being on top of the other (i.e crossed). this was never the case before and also whenever i walk for a substantial distance my feet start hurting, what could be wrong?

    Any tips on relieving this. p.s it might help to add that i am in the UK which has a cold climate but this doesnt affect everyone im sure of that.

    • ANSWER:
      You may want to check with the doctor you cholesterol level and the flow of your blood to your legs. Also check the type of shoes you are using to walk.

    Do high arches in your feet cause pain while walking on a treadmill?
    When I get on the treadmill and walk my feet start to cramp and hurt real bad to the point that I have to stop walking. Is there anything I can do for this? Is it caused by high arches? I tried insoles and they dont help, they just make it hard to wear my shoes. Is there something else that could be causing this?

    • ANSWER:
      Make sure you have the correct walking shoes for your feet. Get fitted at an athletic shoe shop.

    What to do WHEN YOU CAN’T STAND THE PAIN ON YOUR FEET by walking the whole day in a new pair of stilettos?
    Please help. I tried hot water with salt, that i heard it’s good, but it was useless.
    What should I do?
    I can’t even put my full feet on the ground because of the skin “bubbles”….

    (I am definitely not wearing high heels this soon….)

    • ANSWER:
      Easy – quit buying idiotic shoes.

      Leave the “bubbles” alone; those are blisters, and at the moment, they’re all that’s between the big, bad, dirty world and your raw flesh. Sore feet hurt; infected feet hurt WORSE.

      Soak your feet in a solution of epsom salts; it’s impossible to use too much.

    Pain on side of foot when walking and pointing my foot?
    Could barely walk on it 2 days ago but have been resting it now since then. Was very sudden onset but not from an injury (I didn’t fall, etc) just after lots of walking. Not swollen or bruised at all. Still have pain mostly when walking and bad pain when pointing foot. Go to the doctor or a good ol’ ice pack will do and with time it will go away?

    • ANSWER:
      See a Podiatrist, you could have a foot misalignment hence if coming on after lots of walking. Good Luck

    Anyone have tender feet,tender heel and pain when walking….?
    All last year I was unable to walk due to a excruciating feet pain. I spent over a thousand dollars on shoes and inserts. I read everything I could on the internet, talked to people and came up with a diagnosis of “PLanter Fascitias” ….I bought a pair of “Merrill” shoes and after a few months I was walking and after six months now the pain is gone and I am back to normal.

    How did I get bad feet, well that is what I kept asking, and now I now. I was walking with sandles on my feet all the time. No arch. Last night they had a news clip on how sandles are hurting peoples feet. So if anyone tells you you have a bone spur…maybe you do…but most likely you have been wearing flat sandles for shoes too much of the time.

    I was ready to buy a wheelchair 6 months ago and now I am hiking all over.

    • ANSWER:
      Good to know.

      Planter Fascitias is usually found in people with high arches and my husband who has very flat feet.

      Turn over in the bed every morning and push your toes into the mattress and stretch the bottom of your feet prior to getting out of bed in the morning. This premorning stretch helps lengthen the tendon on the bottom of your foot and keeps you from tearing it in the morning when you take your first steps. This morning exercise will make all the difference in the world after about a week.

      Good Luck.

    Sore right foot pain when walking?
    When I’m walking my right foot has this sharp/sore pain it happens when i walk or put pressure on the foot…i’m not sure if its my ankle or my foot!,help? what could it be? it was fine until this morning and it has been sore all day…exercise just makes it worse….i rarely exercise and i’m overweight if that helps :o ?

    • ANSWER:
      The exercise part kind of gives this away, the pain is from tight back muscles pressing into your nerves going to your legs which causes pains in them. When you exercise you increase your leg movements putting more pressure on the nerves to cause more pains. To get rid of the pain you have to free up your back muscles to get the pressure off they nerves by doing this:
      (do from a sitting position)
      Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder, fingers over the back and the palm in the front and firmly pull down on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm fairly straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side.
      for best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

    Foot pain when walking/ exercising?
    Any idea why the bottom of my foot and outer edges of my feet are painful with exercise.?
    I am overweight and obese. Over 200 lbs and I am trying to get back healthy. (22 years old, will be 23 this month) I used to a competition cheerleader and i was heavily into the martial arts. I havent even worked out since about 2 years ago. Well anyway I joined the Y this week and have went on yesterday and today and when i walk the arch of my foot and the outer edge of my food gets very sore and painful and it makes it hard for me to walk. What can I do in order to ease the pain while exercising?

    It doesnt hurt when I do bikes or strength stuff. I just really want to be able to do more cardio. I put insoles in my shoes and that didnt work…. Speaking of shoes, am I wearing the wrong ones? I have some Nike Shoxx that I am wearing

    • ANSWER:

    I am having pain in my feet, when i am walking or laying in bed, could it be from a recent surgery i had.?
    I dont know what is causing this pain it just came on last week, im not overweight, i have this pain whether im walking or not, when i get out of bed in the morning i can barely walk, and when i do it hurts real bad, ive also been having a tingling sensation in my toes, ive been researching about the possible causes but im not finding any helpful articles, i made an appt. with my doctor for this coming wednesday, thats the soonest i could get in and he is the best in the clinic so i dont want to see anybody else, i also am unable to lie on my back when im in bed because it hurts my feet too much i have to lay on my sides, im thinking that i may go to the emergency room in the am to get checked out i dont know if i should go though. I had surgery in january and the doctor hit the nerve in my leg, i am unable to bend my toes in my right leg, part of my upcoming visit to my dr. is to get a referral to see a neurologist, any suggestions of what this is? anybody had similar symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      Make an appointment with a foot specialist! I have plantarfacitis, nerve damage and fallen arches. My feet felt like you describe, so last year I was off work for 9months or so, wearing a space boot in the day and 2 boot splints at night. I was fitted with orthodics that I wear FAITHFULLY every day in my SAS shoes and have very little pain these days. If the pain gets too unbearable you can ask for a cortisone shot. Also, put an ice pack on your feet for 10 minutes then warm them in a warm towel, do this a few times a day, it helps a lot. Good luck, I hope this helps.

    What can stop severe foot pain from walking all day on concrete floors at work.?
    I have to work on my feet all day on a concrete floor. The pain in my feet is awful. I have extra insole with cushions already in my sneakers but even with that I still have pain. I cannot just sit when I feel like it my job requires me to be on the go. Help I limp for hours after. See a doctor is not an option I don’t have insurance with this job.

    • ANSWER:
      it’s not the concrete, it’s your shoes;; your arches MAY be falling;; get arch supports, they sell them in the drugstores & are CLEARLY labelled, not the whole shoe cushy things;; arch supports;; the rubberized plastic ones are the best & they don’t fit the whole shoe;; just so ya know, when you place your foot down, the arches allow your feet to spread;; tha’s why we can accept so many surface angles on the levels you’re walking;; protect your arches & I think you’ll be fine!!.. hope it helps!!

    Outside foot pain when walking/running?
    Would anyone have an answer as to why my foot would start hurting all of a sudden? I was in a soccer game and I was fine, and then all of a sudden I think I either accelerated or was slowing down and I got really sharp pain on the outside of my left foot and had to be taken out of the game. Now, it hurts a little to walk on it (more when i have no shoes on) and it really hurts to jog/run/sprint on it. It also hurts to walk on my tippy toes if that means anything. It hurts mainly when I am pushing off the ground when running. It is just really sharp pain. Also, just before this I had another problem on my other foot, my achilles was aching because of growing problems. I don’t think the outside of my foot is hurting because of growing problems though because it hurt just when i injured it during the game. If you have any answers or suggestions, I would appreciate them. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      You could have a bunion. Those tend to get pretty painful, then need to be removed when you simply can’t stand them anymore. Here’s some info:

      It could also be something like a fracture or a fissure. Who knows really, unless you go see a doctor.

    pain when walking on top of right foot on the right side of foot.?
    I have flat feet and have had cortisone to clear up an irritated tendon on the same foot. I have been seeing a podiatrist and have had two MRI’s recently. Should I see another orthopedic doctor instead for a second opinion? I am a very active walker and golfer. This pain is new.

    • ANSWER:

    Foot pain while walking?
    I’m 11, and I’m online schooled. Yesterday I was sitting down doing class when I heard a noise outside. I got up and for a few seconds I had trouble with my right foot walking properly, then I felt a sharp pain in my foot. If I recall, it bended in some way. I saw that it was my dad who had come home, so I sat back down and massaged my foot for a few minutes.
    I couldn’t walk without feeling horrible pain, and when my mom came home a few hours later I told her about it. She just said that we’ll see how it is today. She isn’t home yet, and the pain is still here when walking, though its not as bad. I tried looking up for what it could be, yet I never found an answer.
    It can’t be sprained, I don’t think its swollen, and it doesn’t feel tender. I know for the first few hours there was a bruise on the middle of my foot you could clearly see, but its gone now.
    My mom will be home around in about two hours to take me to Speech Therapy, so I want to know what it is before she comes home.
    It hurts around the ankle and the right side of my foot.

    Thanks for the advice, I just learned what the RICE method was in Health class today~

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I don’t really have an answer to your question… yet, there’s a suggestion to ease your pain…
      Try not to walk to much… warm your leg by letting it stay in a bowl/bucket of hot water for sometime.. If that doesn’t work, try the opposite, with a bowl of really cold water… and wait for your mom, trying something else would make it worse…
      ok, Hope it works :), good luck

    I am 25 weeks pregnant and when I am on my feet too long I get a pain in my upper abdomen, any ideas?
    I have been reading about preeclampsia and have myself all freaked out. It is not a constant pain, it is only when I am on my feet walking around for too long. Anybody else get this or know what it could be?

    • ANSWER:

    needle pain in foot when walking?
    Basically when i walk bare feet in a judo or in the shower when i lift my foot off the floor i feel this Pian like a needle stand up and stabs me under , its right in the middle of my right foot , nothing to do with bones and muscles . I think it may be ssome kindof ssplinteror something but its not ive tried picking it with a needle and using diffrnet things on it it stil dosnt work please help !

    • ANSWER:
      Could be glass or a splinter
      Try soaking it in a bowl of salt water the longer the better skin becomes softer and the splinter or glass should work it’s way out
      Then u might be able to get it with tweezers

    I have upper foot aches/pain when walking and jogging
    When I jog or walk, my heel hits first, then the rest of my foot ‘slaps’ the ground. This has caused the top of my foot near the shin to ache all the time and hurt occasionally. It has also extended to the inside of my knee, facing the other leg. It didn’t use to do that. I have been jogging for a little over a month and this started 2 weeks ago. I purchased running shoes and they were fine at first. Now all my shoes affect my foot the same way. Any suggestions on problem, treatment, etc.?

    • ANSWER:
      go to a pediatrist. (foot doc)

      sounds like an arch problem tho. try getting a pair of arch supports that slip into ur shoe. If that doesn’t help, it also may be a back problem. They way that ur back (spine) is aligned can effect that angle and support on ur feet and knees. When that angle is off, then what is likely to happen is that all the weight of your body is forced on ur knees and feet. Hope that helped alittle. If not, try and use their symptoms checker. Try calling ur doc or get an appt. with a foot doc.


    Developed pain in the top of my foot. No bruising, does not hurt to touch, just pain when walking. Help?
    I am 4 months pregnant and developed pain at the top of my foot at the arch, no pain in my toes, bottom arch, sides or anything. It is not swollen or red. Just hurts to put pressure on it by walking or bending my toes backwards. Hubby says might be a pulled tendon. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      A pulled tendon (as mentioned by your husband) or even a strained tendon could be an issue (an example only).

      The other issue could have to do with the water build up due to the pregnancy (yet another example only).

      The only way to know for sure is to get in touch with your OB/GYN to see what they say.

    Pain in feet and/or shins when walking for workout?
    I used to work out a lot until a few years ago, i.e. run, walk, aerobic, strength – you name it. I did stop, though, about five years ago (trauma, depression, long story) and gained about 80 pounds.

    I am now beginning to work out again but am frustrated by pain in my shin(s) (outer front) and/or feet (in the ball of the foot area, radiating towards the toes) when I am walking for workout. I have tried adjusting and exchanging shoes, insoles, but no difference.
    I do realize that the excess weight puts strain on joints and muscles, but, strangely enough, when I am shopping for hours I do not get these pains.

    Any suggestions to prevent or (quickly) alleviate these pains during or after my workout would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes – before and after you walk you can stretch your shins by standing or sitting in place, and lifting your toes (the toe-half of your foot, keeping your heels on the ground) off the ground, and hold for a few seconds, repeat about 10 times. good luck! :)

    My 2 year old daughter has pain on her feet when she walks, our doctor said she is developing cartilage?
    We have never heard of something like that, she is having trouble walking, and it all started like 2 weeks ago. And i don’t know if i should trust this doctor 100%, because a friend told me not too.

    Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      WELL, make sure there is no any redness,or injuries in the feet.
      If there is no any lesion nor swelling ,Calcium+Vitamin -D may be needed.

    I have injured the arch of my foot, now the pain is awful when i walk on it, what do i need to do?
    I have injured the arch of my foot somehow and it hurts alot on the side of the arch in my foot. When i walk the pain is really bad, when pressure is put on it. Now the pain is spreading to my ankle and lower part of my leg. Whats the best advice and also what could have happened? I honestly dont know how it happened?

    • ANSWER:
      Now to something I do know about foot and ankle pain, stretchy support bandage wrap around type (you can put a tube over the top if you wish) but “never ever” sleep with a bandage on! seriously never!

      Crepe bandage start inside of ankle run it under the sole of your foot this will support the arch, then wrapping down towards the foot to finish I prefer tape an tucking the end under. Make this a short as you need if ankle socks are part of your dress, hope that helps.

      Sounds like a stretch or bruising to me, look carefully at your footwear to avoid further injury

    If i had a piece of glass go into my foot when I was a child could I have pain walking at age 21?
    Could you explain to me what might have happened in my foot. Did tissue rip and now there are problems permanently? if you understand these things please break it down.

    I was between the age of 3-6 and i walked barefoot on my street. A piece of glass that at the time seemed huge to me, went into my foot. I have sort of erased this memory because it was so traumatic. I recently began looking for a scar. I think, I see it. But its so small compared to what I imagined. Also my foot was smaller then. Anyway, I am 21 now, and when I walk anywhere I get a sharp pain in my arch. I dint wear good shoes. I wear “trendy flats” with no support at all. I am a skinny kid. I exercisesa bit.

    thanks for your time.

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t really understand it either so I can’t break it down for you but, I’m 16 and when I was little some how during a temper tantrum I managed to kick my big toe straight into a nail. I still get random sharp pains sometimes, it’s weird.

    Walking pain after sitting?
    About 5 months ago I noticed that after working all day I would sit down for 20 minutes and try to walk only to find myself in excruciating pain. Sometimes it isn’t so bad but there have been times where it will take me 5 minutes to walk ten feet. The Pain feels like its in my tail bone but it hurts more when walking on my left leg. I thought maybe it was from walking/standing all day (work in a restaurant) but it doesn’t make sense that it didn’t hurt until I stand after sitting. Also in the last month my arms/shoulders and even part of my chest will fall asleep when I am sleeping. I have tried all sorts of positions but nothing prevents it. Again, sometimes it doesnt happen, but I havent noticed anything to cause it.Also I have been experiencing extreme exhaustion and that is pretty much daily. So if anyone has any advice . Help please! :)

    • ANSWER:
      I would see your dr asap just in case. But personally I have several bad vertebrae in my neck and back. I had all sorts of problems from headaches, numbness, palpitations, vision issues….and so on. I was even in physical therapy (which actually made it worse). I finally found a GOOD chiropractor after a little searching…who accepts insurance and doesn’t require a weird “support my kids installment plan” arrangement. I feel so much better and return upon the hint of a symptom. Your issues seem so familiar. Best of Luck.

    constant pain at the bottom of my feet when I walk?
    Whenever I stand or walk I have this pain at the bottom of my feet, I have to walk almost on the sides of my feet, What could this be, its both feet?

    • ANSWER:
      The most common cause of arch pain is Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis involves inflammation of the Plantar Fascia – the fibrous band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. Someone with arch pain usually has inflammation of the tissues within the mid-foot.

      Plantar Fasciitis is caused by over-stretching of the Plantar Fascia. Repeated strain can cause tiny tears in the ligament. These can lead to inflammation, irritation, pain and swelling. Arch pain is more likely to happen when:

      – the feet roll inward too much (over-pronation)
      – walking, standing, or running for long periods of time, especially on hard surfaces
      – excess weight
      – tight Achilles tendons and/or calf muscles

      Medical studies on foot pain found that a combination of stretching exercises and wearing a standard, off-the-shelf orthotic shoe insert is the most effective way of dealing with arch pain. This treatment regime is also very effective for the treatment of heel pain.

      For more information, please read link below.

    Pain in foot when walking?
    Whenever I walk barefoot it feels like something on the inside of my foot is snapping as I walk. This only happens when I bend my Toes and the snapping hurts really bad. When I wear shoes It don’t happen as much though. Should I be worried. This has been going on for about 7 months now I kinda learned to work my way around it by wearing slippers but it is really annoying and kinda prevents me from running as fast as I can. Any help would be appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      (sorry, see below)

    Foot sweating causes burning foot pain while walking?
    My feet burn if I walk more than about 20 minutes. I have had this foot problem for several years and it bothers me immensley, I have flat feet and went to a podiatrist and he gave me orthotics – no help at all. Weird thing, I can walk forever with sandels, all over New York City for days no problem. After thinking about every symptom, the only thing I can isolate is that with shoes, my feet start sweating instantly and socks become very wet and damp, this is the only thing I can think of that would be the reason my feet burn when walking with shoes. If I wear socks on top of each other for more absorption it seems to ease the pain. I am wandering if anyone knows what this is, also I dont wear shoes often so if I started weraing them all the time maybe eventually feet would stop sweating?

    • ANSWER:
      There are a number of possibilities such as a condition called hyperhidrosis (excess sweating).

      I would recommend consulting your primary care physician as well to have them evaluate the situation further to see what they think could be going on.

    I have pain in my foot above the toes as I roll it when walking. No pain when there’s no pressure on the pad.
    I broke my ankle about two months ago. The ankle doesn’t hurt and seems to have healed. But the pain on top of the foot above my toes as I roll my foot and put pressure on the front pad is pretty intense. X-rays of the foot showed no broked toes and ankle practically healed. I’ve been out of the cast for a few weeks, and the pain above the toes (on the top) is getting worse. I’ve done the ususal stretching of hamstrings and achilles tendon and exercises with the ankle and toes, but it’s not improving. If anything it’s getting worse. I’ m wondering if they missed a hairline fracture above the toes. Wondering what it could be. Orthopedist is pretty clueless. I’m thinking of a podiatrist next. I have no pain unless I’m walking. I have no pain when I ride my bike. Any thoughts, suggestions, similar experiences.

    • ANSWER:
      you need to go to a Podiatrist… (i should know i am one! lol) there are a few problems that could have been missed without a specialist eye?

      your right about a possible fracture, may be not an obvious one, a fribergs fracture or a green stick that may be too small to be seen on a stanard x-ray… caused at the time of the ankle injury, or becose you have been walking akwardly on the foot becouse of it?

      there is also the posibility of a ‘mortons neuroma’ a trapped and inflammed nerve most commonly between the 1st and 2nd toe (but can be between any), the pain is felt on the top of the foot and only when walking as this is when the bones compress on it!

      this again may have alwasy been there and agrivated by the ankle injury or as a direct result of the injury or as a symptom of you walikng akward post injury…

      what ever it is get it checked and idealy an MRI/CAT scan to observe the sorft tissues…

      there are a number of treatments depending on the outcome of investigations…

      good luck but get to a podiatrist…asap

    i have constant pain on the bottoms of my feet not my whole foot just the bottoms?
    when i am moving and walking the pain slowly goes away as long as my feet are walking but once i stand or sit for a minute or longer when i start to walk again i can barely walk it hurts so bad i walk like an old woman until the pain goes away it takes about 10 min of walking to go away i am 27 and i am just trying to find out if this is something serious or not anyone got any ideas

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like Plantar Fasaitis. It is basically an inflamation of the muscle and connective tissue on the bottom of your feet Go see your doctor about it there are treatments avaliable.

    moderate/ severe knee pain when walking and sitting?
    I have moderate to severe pain in my right knee. from my knee down is numb and elevating it does not help.I am a retail store manager so I am constantly on my feet and running around. Any ideas of what is causing the pain, and any how can I remedy the issue?
    Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Stress on the knee joints could be causing that pain. I have a job that involves running around as well. Sometimes, I’ll be on my feet 5-6 hours at a stretch before I get a break to sit down. Then, when I try to get up, the knees will feel sore and hurt-like. I use the REST method here (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). It helps rid of the temporary soreness and pain.

    I have a sharp stabbing pain in my left foot when walking?
    Hi…I was to the doctors yesterday due to a sharp foot pain in my left outer top mid section of my foot which developed the night before. I had gone for a long walk earlier that day, and think the developed pain has something to do with the walk. Although, I didn’t sustain any injury during the walk. Xrays were taken, but showed nothing, and the doctor had no real answers for me. There is no swelling and bruising, but the pain is so severe when I walk and is not getting any better. I’ve figured out that if I walk on the toes of my foot, the pain is much lessend so that I am able to walk around. I’ve read through various sharp pain causes,..and think it may be bursitis. Would like to know more about this condition, and what should I do to fix the problem by course of action for treatment. Although, bursitis indicates a dull pain, and this is definately not a dull pain. The pain is very sharp and severe to walk. Or if anyone knows what else this problem may be. Also, the pain is dull when sitting, and I can feel a slight sensation up my leg into my back thigh and buttocks area. Thanks for any help,…

    • ANSWER:
      Tendons & ligaments are prob tense. Use a tennis ball to massage the foot after a hot foot soak.

    My left foot, the arch area is in pain when walking on concrete floor.?
    my left foot, the arch area hurts so much walking on concrete floor. Any type of shoes or any thing to alleviate?

    • ANSWER:
      Hello David. I’m a Pedorthist (foot sepcialist) and I work with people like you everyday. If your arch hurts it is likely due to being on the concrete floor. The answer though is not just a shoe, but an arch support. I do not mean rubber stuff, but supports that can hold your weight and actually support your arch. Most people try dealing with this issue by buying different shoes and maybe changing our the shoes during th day. This can help to a small degree but it means you are constantly changing shoes. Having an arch support that will fit into any shoe (i.e. sneakers, dress shoes, sandals etc.) and that work like custom made orthotics ( which cost about 0.00) is the better solution. I suggest you go to this web site, then to their contact page then to their youtube “Real Arch Support” to understand the difference. Additionally, they sell a great shoe, Spira that has a spring system in the sole. I know their prices are the best on the internet but more importantly you can communicate with one of their Pedorthist. The best way for now is to email them ( until their interactive features are complete. Good luck

    How to prevent leg pain when walking?
    This question might sound a bit confusing but,

    I’m in this class called “Walking Wellness”, and all you do in the class is…well…walk. I’m taking it to complete my gym credit and since I don’t favor any sports or weight-lifting, I figure it would be the DEFINITE easiest to walk. I love the class, the teacher and most of the students in it are nice but there’s just one problem…

    Our teacher makes us walk 2-4 miles every WW period and she’s trying to make us walk more, usually after the first mile, I get these tight and awful pains throughout my calves. Then after that my back starts to ache. The thought of walking another 5 feet makes me nearly have an anxiety attack.

    I have no idea how to hold this pain or prevent it. I walk with a proper stance so… I’m pretty lost on how to help it.

    Thank you for any advice.

    Even though this probably won’t contribute to anything,
    I’m 15 years old and we walk outside, not inside.

    • ANSWER:
      Wow, if she’s making you walk 2-4 miles every WW period that’s crazy.

      If you’re in pain I’d stop walking and stretch. Make sure you stretch before and after each walk and you shouldn’t feel any pain.

    What is causing the pain on the bottom of my feet when I have been laying down or sitting?
    In the middle of the night when I get up after I have been asleep for 2 to 3 hours I can barely walk because of the pain in my feet. What is this from?

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a simple but effective way to control the problem. Start off either in a long sitting position or lying on your back. Keep the legs straight especially the knees and have the muscles of the feet pull the feet up towards the knees. You will know that it is working if there is a pulling or stretching sensation in the calf. Hold that stretch for a few seconds and relax. Do that movement five to ten times before you go to bed and right before you get out of bed. Once you learn the movement it can be done sitting, standing, or lying down. The more that it is done the better. Also do this movement. Squat down but maintain your heels on the floor. You may initially need to hold onto something but eventually you will be able to do this without any assistance. Try to stay in that position for thirty seconds. These two movements should stop the problem. Remember that when you stop doing these movements it is going to come back. It is far easier to do these simple movements that to get surgery or injections. The orthotics that are made by a podiatrist will cost somewhere around three hundred or more while these movements are free.

    Woke up with extreme pain in my foot, when walking?
    Could I have really done something that only hurts (quite painfully) when I walk, yet not when there is no pressure on my foot? It’s a weird feeling of pain sort of like when you get “pins and needles” but it’s more of a dense pain especially in my heel. I cannot walk with limping and therefore am not going to school. So basically my question is how could I have hurt my foot like this overnight, and I know you’re not a doctor but do you think perhaps that’s what happened? And no my foot is definately not asleep lol.

    • ANSWER:

      First of all I am sorry that you have this pain which prevents you from walking normally.

      However, from your description it is very hard to determine exactly what is wrong with your foot. It could be a nerve related issue, or even a case of Plantar Fasciitis.

      In order to understand your condition better and to give you a proper diagnosis please answer these questions:

      1) Is there any redness or swelling visible?
      2) Do you have high or low arches in your feet?
      3) Where exactly is the pain located in the foot (back/bottom)?
      4) Do you have “extra” pain when you first get up in the morning and take a few steps?
      5) What kind of shoes do you usually wear?
      6) Is there a bump/lump at the back of your heel?
      7) Did you start a sports activity lately?

      Here are a few things you can do right now:

      1) Ice your foot at least 4 times a day, either by applying ice directly or by rolling a frozen bottle under your heel and arch when you sit down.

      2) Massage the area to speed up healing.

      3) Wear good supportive shoes around the house as well.

      Again, if you can answer my questions I would be happy to assist you further!

      You can write to me directly if you prefer, my email is in my Yahoo profile or

    Foot Pain After Walking Rivers Edge please help?
    I was walking barefoot on the Ohio River last night…

    Ran into some mud about 6inches deep and walking through it. My foot started swelling around the heel. Very Swollen. So much pain i can not put any weight on my heel.

    Without pressure on it : it only hurts in an area about the size of a quarter. When standing on it my entire back half of my foot feels like im walking on spikes and almost brings me to tears

    Ive never had any foot problems. I have broken bones and it definately does not feel like that sort of pain at all

    im wondering if i got some sort of sting or insect bite? maybe muscle strain/tear/pull

    I just started a new job and wont be eligable for health insurance for another 6 weeks please post if aything similar happend to you or someone you know

    • ANSWER:
      It does sound like some sort of sting or bite.

    How do I help foot pain from walking on the outer part of my foot?
    I have always walked in a way that my shoes are slanted toward the outer part of what would be my shoe. I guess I walk on the outer part of my foot. Well, I now how have intense pain on the top of my foot. I thought it was because I twisted my ankle a bit when I tripped on something, but it was my ankle not the top of my foot that was the problem. I did work (which is standing for 6 hours at a time) the day after that happened, so maybe that was why it is hurting. I don’t know how to help ease the pain. I would go to the doctor but I do not have health insurance right now and don’t know when I will. Is there such a thing as shoe insert that keeps me from walking funny? Oh and I currently have ice on my foot.

    • ANSWER:

    I can’t walk! Severe pain in foot when i put weight on it – please help?
    I’m in agony when i walk…
    started last night on may way to the pub and has become worse.
    have been resting it all afternoon, but any weight i put on it leaves me in a lot of pain.

    i walked a lot yesterday but didnt twist it or anything. does it sound like it could be a stress fracture or sprain, or something else?

    pain is in the outside of my foot – along the top
    there is slight swelling

    • ANSWER:
      Ice it or put it in water.

      If problem persits (continues) then go to a doctor!

    What does it mean when your walking or jogging , a numb stinging pain is in both ankle areas of my legs?
    I’ve been walking and jogging for three weeks now 2 to 3 miles for 5 days a week. I am 239lbs and I stretch correctly before I start but today I had sharp pains in both lower shin areas basically in my ankles. When I thought I couldn’t go on, I finished that mile and sat for a minute. After a few minutes of resting, I decided to go for mile 2, but about 50 ft from starting point, my feet went numb and sharp stinging throbs at the same time started in the same areas. I decided to slow down to a normal walking pace, but when I did my feet went cold! I walked another mile after that to try to work out the pain. What does this mean? Do I need new shoes or maybe my weight is taking a toll on my legs. What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like Inflammation. Take it easy, do low-impact exercise. your very heavy to be running. I weigh about 170 & get shin-splints if I run more than a few times a week ( at age 22 )

      5 days a week is also too much, Try 3, leave at least 1 day for rest between each run, ( I suggest 2-3 for your weight )

      You can seriously injure yourself if you continue running on shins/ankles that feel that way. Pain is the bodys way of telling you something is very very wrong..
      For mild inflammation, Try ibuprofen, it sounds though, like your just working out way too much/hard. It takes months & years to build a connective tissue foundation to run distance comfortably.

      Also, make sure your landing on your Heel & rolling to your toe, don’t just “Land” Plop! with your whole foot.

      Run Heel-toe, & Take it easy, good luck with your fitness goals.

    I have a sharp pain in the sole of my foot when I walk?
    When I walk with no arch to my foot, it tends to have a terrible sharp pain until I walk with an arch again. This happens on and off every few weeks. I don’t remember stepping on anything & I wear tennis shoes and flip flops a lot. Any ideas if this is serious or if it’s something that can easily be fixed?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to check if you have flat foot.

    Pain in my leg mostly around my calf but stretches between my knee and ankle. Only when not elevated.?
    What could it be? If i sit in a chair normally with my feet on the ground I get this horrible pain almost like a pulled muscle. But if I elevate it the pain goes away or if I’m on my feet walking around the pain goes away. I’ve had this pain for months. I thought it would go away by now getting kind of curious of what it may be.
    I’m 18 no previous problems and no visual or any other symptoms.

    • ANSWER:
      Any other symptoms such as redness, warmth or swelling? How old are you? Medical history?These questions matter before giving a possible cause. Could be blood clot or venous insufficiency. Look them up. Probably isn’t what you have but I don’t know enough about you to guess. Probably not a clot cause you said you have had this pain for months. Could be a pulled muscle. Did you hurt yourself a few months ago? If this pain is horrible, how could you not go to a doctor after so long?

    Chest pain when walking.
    I have been noticing the past 3 or 4 days that when I’m on my feet for too long or 20 minutes into walking somewhere, i get a sharp pain on the right side of my chest. It doesn’t spread, but it can hurt so much i have to stop and take a breather and calm down. I’ve noticed sometimes that my breathing will get really weird. Is this something I should be really worrying about? Possible it may just be from stress?

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced this before.

    • ANSWER:
      Iron deficency test: Go to the mirror and pull your lower eyelid and see if the color is red or flesh color. If its flesh colored you are lacking enough iron and should take a herbal iron like Floradix. It will take a month to see a difference. Iron carrys oxygen in your blood and if you dont have it you will feel tired, cold hands and feet, headaches, RLS, dull brittle hair, brittle nails, poor sleep, pale skin (see thru), shortness of breath, fatigue, poor concentration, low mood, ringing in the ears, irregular heart beats, cracks in the corner of the mouth, dizziness, fainting, sore tongue and canker sores. Add b12 and folic acid for best results

      Or you could be missing minerals because of stress or it could be both. Get a chelate of magnesium, calcium and potassium to help.

    Knee pain walking down stairs or when getting up from sitting after a long period of time.?
    I am a 26 year old male. One day after snowboarding, i noticed that my left knee was giving me some trouble. It’s not terribly bothersome, but it does get worse the more i do certain activities like running or going down stairs. It is keeping me from running on the treadmill for my exercise routine. and it seems to be getting a little bit (and it might just be my imagination to be honest) more noticeable now (almost a month after i started noticing it). It causes the most pain when i am going down stairs (but strangely not as much going up stairs). I find myself either limping down, going down sideways, or going 1 stair at a time (1 foot down, then the other foot down to the same step, and so on). I usually forget about it until about halfway down my first flight of stairs in the morning, then every time i make a trip downstairs, it gets more and more noticeable throughout the day. The other time it causes me pain, is after i’ve been sitting for a long period of time. I’ll get up, and my knee feels like it wants to bend backwards, or like its going to give out on me. Then i’ll pace around for a minute, and the pain subsides.

    any idea what this could be? I’ve looked around but there seems to be many possible causes from runners knee, to arthritis, to a torn meniscus (cartilage).

    Thanks for your help :D

    • ANSWER:
      Without tests its probably a small injury. Wear a neoprene knee brace. They work very good and may even eliminate the pain.

    Bump under my foot deep in the tissue area. Pain when walking. What would that be?
    When I walk, it’s painful on my right foot. I feel like I walk with a quarter under my foot. Looking at my foot, it looks normal. Smooth skin, no marks, no different color or anything strange. However, when I tough it, there’s a hard area below my toes on the bottom of my foot about a quarter size. The hard area is not on the layer of the skin. It lays deeper in the tissue than on the layer of the skin. What would that be? I have an appointment with a podiatrist but it will be a while until I see him. I’m scared now.

    • ANSWER:
      Does it feel like you are walking on a pebble? If so you probably have a fallen arch. There are two arches in the foot – the obvious one you see when you look on the inside of the foot and the other one is across the base of your toes, sometimes if that drops the top of one of the metatarsals (just below your toe) drops down and you walk on it – it is sore to that! Sometimes caused by wearing different shoes, sometimes if you have walked for an unusually long period of time esp if shoes not very supportive. Exercises normally sort it out – there are a few exercises but difficult to describe, you can start with trying to pick up a pencil with your toes – lay pencil on floor and place your toes on top, try and curl your toes to pick of the pencil. the object of exercise not really to pick up pencil but makes you move your toes the right way in order to strengthen the arch. The podiatrist will help you out with further exercises or physio can help.

    sharp pain in my toes when
    i keep getting a sharp pain in my two middle toes on my left foot when i walk. i know my shoes aren’t too small because i read to leave ¼ to ½ inch between my toes and the end of the trainer and there is nearly an inch there. but i get a really sharp pain whenever i walk and only in those two toes. anyone know what this could be?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like the muscle under your foot has shortened itself up which makes it pull on the end with least resistance, your toes. You may have jumped on your foot or stepped on something right in the middle of your foot and came up with a slight injury to that muscle and it’s response was to shorten it’s tendon up, something tendons will do when they feel trauma. Most of the time they need some help in getting fully released after that has happened. Here’s how to release the muscle in your foot:
      Foot Muscle:
      With your foot in your lap place your fingers side by side at the back of the arch right in front of the heel and press in hard and hold. After 30 seconds slowly raise your toes up as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your toes there for another 30 seconds.

    Hurt foot now very bad pain when walks?
    I hurt my foot in town today in the morning i moved it too fast and it twisted then all of a sudden a big pain rushed through it. It hurts every time i put pressure on it (like when i walk) im in so much pain should i have it checked out at the hospital?

    • ANSWER:
      im sure u jus sprained it, but yea take a x-ray to make sure u didnt break anything or have a hairline fracture. with such shooting pain as u described that would be my first worry.

    ankle pain when flexing foot and walking help!?
    last night i drank a bit too much and woke up this morning and my ankle is killing me! i don’t remember injuring it last night but thats not saying much. I’m overseas so I am trying to avoid going to a doctor but I’m scared my ankle is actually fractured. it hurts right in front of the pointy bone at the end of the fibula to touch but its not bruised or swollen. i can’t flex my foot without extreme pain and the little I’m able to walk i have to turn my foot in. it doesnt hurt to move my foot from side to side but as soon as i flex or point it it hurts in right in front of that bone and a little bit on the front of my ankle. i fractured my foot once and walked on it for a month so i have a pretty high pain tolerance. i just need to know if this is sounding more like a fracture or sprain?

    • ANSWER:

    I am 23 weeks pregnant and have severe back pain when I walk or am on my feet for a while?
    My OB suggested a pregnancy support belt because she said that the baby is throwing off my equilibrium and posture. I was wondering if anyone has worn this kind of belt and if so which brand would you recommend. This is my first pregnancy and I have no experience with this so any answers will be very much appreciated!
    I just googled sciatic nerve and the pain does seem to be in that area

    • ANSWER:
      its prolly just your sciatic nerve. If its kinda your lower back.

      google the sciatic nerve & it should show you where the nerve is so you can compare it to your pain =]]

    Tooth Pain When Walking, Running, Bending Over?
    I have the weirdest sensation in my upper tooth on the right side.
    Whenever I walk, the motion of my feet hitting the ground sends a vibration straight up to this one particular tooth and causes this weird tingling feeling. also, if i bend over to pick something up, or say.. stand on my head, I get the same feeling.
    I am going into the dentist tomorrow morning, but I wanted to see if anyone out there has experienced something like this or knows what it may be?
    I am still getting over a sinus infection, bad cough.. and some websites said it could be due to a sinus infection. I have just never had anything like this before and have had sinus infections in the past.
    It does not hurt when I eat, bite down, drink cold or hot water… only walking or bending over.
    So crazy I know… please let me know if you have any advice.
    so I went to the Densist, they took tons of X-Rays and everything came back perfectly normal, which was a huge relief.. I was scared to death I would need a rooth canal!
    The dentist said he was almost 100% sure it was due to sinusitius. Because I have had a sinus infection recently, the infection is putting pressure on the nerves on my tooth.
    this has never happened to me before… and I didn’t realize my teeth could have anything to do with a sinus infection.
    Anyway- I am happy everything is okay, and hope this annoying sensitive feeling goes away asap!
    Thanks for all the responses!!

    • ANSWER:
      I have had that too. If the pain coincides with your heel touching the ground it might have something to do with your sciatic nerve a physiotherapist told me once. Other than that the dentist never had an answer for me.

    dog kicks rear leg all the way out when walking?
    almost like cat with something on it foot don’t do it while running and shows no pain walking or touching it
    and dont tell me to take it to the vet shes not in pain
    she is only 3 .5 mhs oold will this go a way on its own?

    • ANSWER:

    Pain when walking with crutches with fifth metatarsal fracture?
    When walking with crutches on my fifth metatarsal fracture, Located on the bump at the side of my foot, almost every step I take it seems that my foot tenses or tightens up and I feel a sharp pain. I broke my foot yesterday and this started today. I am in a temporary cast because I’m out of town and have to wait til I get home to get a real cast. Any suggestions on what I can do to make walking with crutches more bearable?

    • ANSWER: