How To Cure Plantar Fasciitis Pain

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Cure Plantar Fasciitis?
    I have “Plantar Fasciitis”
    It’s soo painful to walk !
    does anyone know some tips , or how to cure the pain?

    • ANSWER:
      it will never go away,but you can get special shoes mad to fit your mom had this problem and couldn’t walk for a month.then we got the shoes and they worked great. they are expensive but try chaco sandals,they hold up very well so a pair should 1 to 2 years,they cost about .00 and you can search them on google.
      hope this helps.

    Does anyone know how to cure plantar fasciitis fast?
    I’m not over weight or anything but my whole family has flat feet and i do a lot of high jump and hurdles. I heat it, ice it and rest it every day and i still feel that sharp pain in my arch. I also used to get heel pain when i was young. I really want it to go away! any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Planter fasciatus is what is commonly called a heel spur. On x-ray you will be able to see the spur where the tendon attaches to the bone and is pulling it causing a spur. You probably wake up with a lot of pain in the am. Most of us do not sleep with their feet in a walking position. With feet in the normal sleep mode where they tend to be pointed down wards the tendon has time to shrink back up causing the pain. By wearing boots it keeps your foot in a normal standing position. This way the tendon doe not have the time to “shrink” again. It will take a while for this to work. Me, I went into a moon boot type cast (my request) because the Dr. was recommending surgery since every thing else failed. The moon boot cast really kept my foot in position. You can buy these at a medical supply store for a lot less than seeing a Dr. and getting it from him. Mine was almost 0 from Dr and at medical supply store. After 9 months of Dr. visits, shots, and all, the moon boot cured it! in less than a months time!I wore at all times except shower. I passed it off as an old football injury to those who didn’t need to know why you were wearing that cast. Good luck.

    How can I reduce foot pain (plantar fasciitis)?
    I have a very old foot pain in right leg. This started when I used to go for jogging. This problem is now more than three years old and there had not been complete recovery. I had to stop jogging and consuled doctors who gave some steroid injection twice. This however gave only temporary relief. Now a days I can not even go out for brisk walking due to pain. I feel lethargic due to lack of enjoyable physical activities like walking. I assume this has no cure. Can anybody please tell me how to reduce pain and second, is there any indoor physical activity which will keep me fit?

    • ANSWER:
      You should go to a store that can determine what type of shoe you need to help your posture. Also if you change shoes often it can throw off the natural allignment of your body. I recommend that you stretch thoroughly before you commence any exercise. Especially your hamstrings, quads, and calf for running. if you are still in too much pain then you should try low to no impact exercises like the elliptical machine or on a stationary bicycle. Here is a link where you can do a little research on MTB shoes, maybe this can help.

    how would i know if my plantar fasciitis is cured?
    i’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis for almost 3 months now. the injury significantly improved when i start using night splint. the pain is not that much in the morning anymore when it should be the worst. i’d like to start running again but afraid that the pain may recurred.

    • ANSWER:
      The only way to tell is if your pain is gone. Try running and see what happens.

    Plantar fasciitis how… long?!?
    Ok I was recently diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, tuesday to be exact. The doctor said it was very hard to cure. I had already thought I had it so I look up stretches and started doing those, and I’m rolling a frozen can under my feet at night, and soaking it in hot water in the morning just like he told me to. He said it should heal up in about a week, atleast that’s how long my excusal note from gym said. I’m in 9th grade, and I play on a soccer team. I want to get back to the field as soon as possible. Does anyone know how long it will take to go away? It’s EXTREMELY painful, and I want it gone! OH and I had the pain for about a week before I finally went to the doctor…I heard the sooner you start treating it the sooner it heals. So how long will it take to go away and does anyone know any other tips for the pain and faster healing?
    The reason I’m doubting the doc on it healing in a week is because it’s been four days and it still KILLS.

    • ANSWER:
      One source I found in a web search said with the usual treatments most patients find relief within 3 months and 90% within a year.

      It did mention cortisone shots, but said that 2 potentially bad effects could be fat pad atrophy and plantar fascial rupture.

      It also mentioned Extracorporeal shock wave therapy as a new treatment

      But it would be best to correct the problem, instead just treating the pain, by getting shoes that fit properly with proper arch support. I developed something that felt like heel spurs from cheap Walmart shoes. I finally got better quality shoes and the heel pain totally disappeared (years ago, never to return).

    help.anyone had heel spur surgery,plantar fasciitis?
    how were your results and how long needed off for work?im way past the self help.done it all.many shots,orthotics,weight loss,shoes,taping,stretches,hot-cold packs and nothing seems to cure it for about 3yrs tired of limping in pain.thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Have you tried Shock wave therapy. This is in an out patient setting and you will have 4 weeks of limited activity.
      For more information I’ll give you a web page that will be a great source of information to help you decide if it is right for you or not. There are a number of resources there you can go to. Good Luck

    Plantar fasciitis ?????????????
    Omg I’m in the most extreme pain right now does anyone how to cure this f uckin g thing just take a look at my foot

    • ANSWER:
      Roll your foot on a tennis ball.

    foot problem that really needs to be fix?
    what is the cure for Plantar Fasciitis and a collaps arch
    im 21 and i have this problem and im not overweight and have not disease.

    i just want to know how i can get rid of this foot pain forever and start playing sport i had this problem since 17yr

    i got orthidics that are custom made for my feet by i still feel pain

    • ANSWER:
      You need to continue to see your podiatrist to continue treatment. Treating Plantar Fasciitis is typically done by starting with conservating treatments (like orthotics) and progressing to more aggressive treatment.

      For the Plantar Fasciitis, you can try an ice massage at home. Freeze a water bottle and then roll your foot over the top of it. Many patients find relief with this. Continue to use your orthotics, but you should also work on stretching your calves. If you continue to have pain, you may benefit from physical therapy. If physical therapy and orthotics do not resolve the problem, there are surgical options.

      Regarding the collapsed arch, taping the arch or orthotics (again) are typically the best treatments.

      Like I said, the primary thing is to see a podiatrist, follow their instructions, and don’t stop getting treated until the problem is fixed.

      Good luck!