How To Cure Heel Pain Fast

You thought the shoulder pain would go away on it’s own. It didn’t. Ok, what are your options? Your doctor may have recommended surgery, therapy or a combination of both. If you have been battling a painful, stiff shoulder for any length of time you may have resorted to treatment measures outside of logical thinking to relieve your pain. I’ve had patients tell me they have used everything from mustard poultices to lubricants made for car parts in attempt to cure frozen shoulder pain.

As long as their method is not directly harmful to them I do not try to argue them down because 1) If they believe it is working I will not succeed in changing their mind, and 2) the person will likely be more receptive to my clinical treatment if I am not argumentative to their beliefs.

However, this is not an article on patient psychology, but the above leads me to answer the question “will exercise cure a frozen shoulder?”.

Research shows that most cases of frozen shoulder are “self-limiting” or resolved within 2 years of onset no matter the course of treatment. That’s fine, but who wants to live with an arm that is 50% useful at best if they can do something NOW to increase function and range of motion? Therefore while some view that exercise itself cannot cure frozen shoulder

Frequently Asked Questions

    Does anyone know how to cure plantar fasciitis fast?
    I’m not over weight or anything but my whole family has flat feet and i do a lot of high jump and hurdles. I heat it, ice it and rest it every day and i still feel that sharp pain in my arch. I also used to get heel pain when i was young. I really want it to go away! any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Planter fasciatus is what is commonly called a heel spur. On x-ray you will be able to see the spur where the tendon attaches to the bone and is pulling it causing a spur. You probably wake up with a lot of pain in the am. Most of us do not sleep with their feet in a walking position. With feet in the normal sleep mode where they tend to be pointed down wards the tendon has time to shrink back up causing the pain. By wearing boots it keeps your foot in a normal standing position. This way the tendon doe not have the time to “shrink” again. It will take a while for this to work. Me, I went into a moon boot type cast (my request) because the Dr. was recommending surgery since every thing else failed. The moon boot cast really kept my foot in position. You can buy these at a medical supply store for a lot less than seeing a Dr. and getting it from him. Mine was almost 0 from Dr and at medical supply store. After 9 months of Dr. visits, shots, and all, the moon boot cured it! in less than a months time!I wore at all times except shower. I passed it off as an old football injury to those who didn’t need to know why you were wearing that cast. Good luck.

    How can I cure my blister? Please answer?
    People say pain is beauty right? Well I wore these heels that I just bought and guess what? I now have an open blister on the side of my right foot. The skin was open so I took it off and it’s probably the size of a penny. How can I make it better? Stop the pain? I want it to heel rather fast. I am using the drug store anti biotic you’d use on cuts, but will this work? Or try something different?

    • ANSWER: