Foot Pain Outside Edge

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    What can cause pain on the outside edge of the foot?
    It started when I was walking a long distance in flip flops. The outside edge of my right foot began to hurt when walking and standing flat. It is a sharp pain that is located right before my heel begins. I’m worried that it could possibly be a fallen arch or something. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      It is simple, poor support. Flip flops are a cruel shoe that someone invented to damage our feet.

      Wear enclosed shoes with support, at least 1/2 to 3/4 inch heel. Running shoes, or enclosed loafer type shoes with an arch support (they make a 3/4 length gel type ) that feels good and contributed to correcting his problem.

      If the pain continues, ice it a few times a day and take potassium and ibuprofen. These corrected my Husbands foot problem. Plantars Fasciitis is what one foot pain is called. It is the inflammation of the muscles of the bottom of your foot. Good Luck.

    Outside edge of foot pain?
    Well today at cheer practice, we were doing assisted toetouches (where someone lifts you up to do a toe touch.) I am a cheerleader and we do those often, but anyways, when I came down from the toetouch, I landed on the outside edge of me left foot, and it hurt VERY bad. It was extreme pain for about 30 seconds then it got a smidge better. It’s about 4 hours later and it still hurts really bad. It hurts to walk on it. Its on the top and bottom part of my foot. In between my pinkie toe and my ankle (which also hurts a little) can anyone tell me what is wrong, and how to fix it? Thanks !

    • ANSWER:
      Plantar Fasciitis.

    what causes pain in the outside edge of my left foot?
    For the last few months I have this burning pain in the outside edge of my left foot, a little behind halfway of the length, right on that bone that I can feel. I found a web site (healthline dot com) with about 16 different foot pain possibilities, and none of them fit. I didn’t physically hurt it. It hurts so bad it almost feels like it’s burning, and its getting real hard to walk. You can’t see anything from the outside, like red, or black & blue, or lumps. I also have, within the past 2 years, pain in the left side of my right knee, and in my right forearm. The forearm pain isn’t there until I lift something, the more it weighs, the more pain I get. The knee pain is just there, and I hardly notice it anymore. I’m 55 years old, and of coarse, my friends tell me, your simply getting old. I’m a very strong man, maybe 30 lbs overweight. Money IS an object; I haven’t been to a doctor in over 10 years, maybe 15, so generally I’m in ok condition, other than these pains I described. I check my blood pressure on a self-checker, and it varies between 140/160 over 80/100 and heartbeat of 48-60, usually in the low 50’s. I do realize it’s a little high. I take up to 2 allergy pills from Wallgreens called “Wall Dry” but the box says don’t take more than 6 per 24 hours, so I’m way below that. I suspect a pinched nerve in my back, for the knee and arm pain, but the side of my foot? Maybe I have to start taking aspirin everyday like a lot of older people do, I haven’t tried that yet, I was hoping the pain would go away. Any thoughts? Thank you for reading this.

    • ANSWER:
      maybe you just walk to much, also when you are standing for a long time or in only one position that can happen you should walk a little bit .

    After 10 minutes running I get pain on the outside edge of my foot which lasts days. Why?
    It is sometimes both feet. I bought some good running shoes but still it is a problem. It first began a couple of years back. It also happens if I ice skate. Pretty soon it is too painful to put weight on. I ran for an hour 2 weeks ago then could hardly walk for a week! What can I do about it?

    • ANSWER:
      Foot Dr. could be spurs wich can be surgically removed.

    I have pain in the outside of my right foot?
    The pain is along the outside edge of my right foot between my little toe and the edge of my arch. It is a hard pain to describe, it is like a over stretch type pain that only happens when I flex my foot up while turning it in at the same time. It is slowly getting worse, I have never heard of this type of thing, and right now I have no med. ins. Anyone who knows what this is called please send info.

    • ANSWER:

    Pulled muscle on the outside edge of my foot?
    I was jogging on Sunday, then on Monday the outside edge of my foot (between my baby toe and heel) began to have extreme pain (sometimes extremely sharp), it sort of comes and goes; however, as the days go by, it is getting worse (more constant).
    Any ideas what happened and how to fix it?

    • ANSWER:
      You injured a small muscle called the abductor digiti minimi. Do some deep massage where you see the Xs and you should be fine. I wouldn’t run until it was pain free though.

    What would cause the outside edge of your foot to throb continuously?
    My foot hurts worse after working for a few days in a row. Pain subsides when I am off of it for a few days.

    • ANSWER:
      couple things come to mind. possible metatarsalgia which is an irritation of the tissues b/w the bones of the foot. This would be aggravated by activity. Could be also a neuroma, which is swelling of the nerve between the toes. However this often happen more to the middle of the foot than the outer edge. Also could be a joint problem, which can often happen on the outer aspect of the foot. If you go to the outside of the foot and hit your ankle bone, then slide down further to the bottom of your foot, just in front on that is a small bony protuberance. There is a joint right near hear associated with the metatarsal bone. If this is the source of your pain then go see your chiropractor.

      All of the above will respond to ice application. 10 min on, then 10 off, and of course a chiropractor can always help you. Orthotics may be indicated if this is a reoccuring problem due to faulty mechanics.

      oh yeah, another thing could be a stress fracture, assuming you have not had a severe trauma. Stress fractures may not show up right away on xray. There are a couple easy things to do to diagnose this. Rest is your big fixer here, as well as correcting mechanics if that is a causitive factor.

    Pain in my foot after running?
    I ran about 11 miles in a little over an hour. It was my first time running after about a 5 week break. Now I have a sharp pain in the outside edge of my left foot only, (not in the arch at all) about 1 inch infront of my heel bone. the pain is on the edge and almost ontop as if it curves around from side to the top. what is wrong and how can I cure it as soon as possible?

    • ANSWER:
      rice it

    What could outer foot pain be? (After running)?
    Hi, I went running yesterday and about an hour afterward I noticed my foot was a little sore but nothing too bad. Then I did homework and rested for a while and noticed when I got back up it was even more sore. Then this morning it was to the point where it was pretty painful to walk on. Its just a sharp pain on the outside of the outside edge of my foot.

    I’m pretty active and I’ve never really had any feet/ankle problems in the past (just 2 knee surgeries), but I was thinking I might have rotated my foot wrong when running or something. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions what it might be. I can’t exactly stay off of it, I have to walk around campus so hopefully that won’t damage anything.
    Any input would be helpful, Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like ur foot maybe too wide for your shoes.

    What is causing my foot pain?
    The outside edge of my right foot hurts when I step on it with all my weight. However, it doesn’t hurt when i push and rub it with my fingers. The pain is right under that bump in the side of your foot. What could this be and should I get checked out?
    The pain is on the outside edge of my foot, opposite side from the arch
    It’s not causing a bump, it’s just painful where the bone sticks out a little off on the side where your pinky toe is.

    • ANSWER:
      I am being treated for this same condition at present. Although the podiatrist didn’t give it a name, the other people on this thread have.
      In my case I had three little corns over the callus area that I “Dug’ out. However, the podiatrist informed me that the reason for the pain is that ulcers form underneath and must be seen by them (Debrided) and a sanding tool and dressing applied,as failure and a worsening can lead to hospitalisation and surgery.
      Recommendations are that the dead skin must be sanded back on a regular basis to avoid complications. I have only had two visits, and my feet feel great. Like you, this is a weight baring condition.
      I guess that as your feet carry you through life, they must be cared for.

    Weird Pain in Foot– stress fracture?
    I’ve never had problems with my feet, but all of a sudden I get this horrifying pain in my foot. With my foot just relaxed, it feels bruised (but there’s no bruise or discoloration) right below the ankle bone and that slight area around it and when applied pressure and i try moving my foot outwards, I get the pain. When i walk slowly from heel to toe, the outside edge of my foot starts to hurt and then as I roll to the forefoot a pulling pain begins at my heel and pulls towards the arch of the foot– the more I walk the sharper the pain on the edge of my foot gets like something is being squeezed or crunched. if i walk on my tip toes the pain in the side subsides temporarily and there’s only minor pulling towards the heel and arch.
    I’m a long distance runner, but the only pain I’ve ever gotten is shin splints/knee/hip pain. never anything in my feet and my shoes are only a month a half old– could it be a stress fracture? or just a bad strain? I don’t think it’s plantar fasciitis
    When I ice it– it gets numb unusually quick– it also feels like it’s swelling when i ice it— occasionally i feel a dull aching around my ankle but not too bad— thank you all for your advice! I just want to know if anyone has ever had this happen and what it is! thanks again!

    • ANSWER:
      See a foot doctor, seriously. All we could do here is guess and I don’t think it’s good for your health sake.

    Foot/heel pain after running?
    Did a 15 mile training run the other day.

    That is a big jump in mileage for me, which is obviously why i got injured.

    The pain is in my right foot, on the outside edge, around the front of my heel, about 2/3 inches.

    It hurts when I walk on it normally, but it doesnt hurt when i walk on the ball of my foot.

    Any ideas what it could be ?


    • ANSWER:


      I have it myself. I’m a gymnast and my heel hurts every time we jump,run, or tumble. I’ve never gone to the doctor for this because

      1) My coach told me that I had it, so there was really no need for a second opinion

      2) For these types of things, doctors just say, ” The best thing to do is just stop doing gymnastics. ( well running in your case)”


      Ice it for 10 minutes twice a day, in the morning and evening. And I mean like stick your foot in a plastic bag and then stick it in a tub of icy cold water.

      Where sneakers all the time, even if your just going to walk your dog. And I mean like NEW BALANCE or NIKE sneakers, not DC SHOES or VANS or CONVERSE cause they give your foot NO support unlike NEW BALANCE AND NIKE.

      If its still hurting take advil before you go running, this isn’t necessarily good, but there is some medicine that you can take for it. Just search google for it, I can’t remember what its called but it starts with an O ( Osterly or something) I take it twice a day every day.

      Hope your foot feels better

    My foot is in alot of pain it feels like I’m wearing an iron boot and i can’t lift it up it also is giving me ?
    pains on the outside edge and on the inside part of my heel. I was playing basketball yesterday and couldn’t play cause of the pain.

    • ANSWER:
      Common causes of heel pain are plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

      Plantar Fasciitis is a painful inflammatory condition causing heel pain and in some people, heel spurs. It can also result in arch pain. Plantar Fasciitis is often caused by abnormal pronation of the foot and improper arch support. Contributing factors are weight gain, intense physical activity, jobs that require a lot of walking or standing on hard surfaces, or shoes with poor arch support.

      A heel spur is a bony growth on the heel bone (calcaneus). Heel spurs can cause sharp foot pain at the bottom or front of the heel bone. Heel spurs and heel pain can be caused by plantar fasciitis. Continuous pulling of the fascia at the heel bone eventually leads to the development of this painful bony growth on the heel.
      Research has found that a combination of proper exercises and arch support by wearing orthotic insoles can provide effective relief for this type of condition.

      You can find more information on heel spurs and orthotics at the links below:

    Strange pain in foot?
    I have a bad pain in my left foot (note: ONLY that foot). It’s tolerable when I don’t put my foot down, but when I do, I get a shooting pain that sometimes travels up my ankle.

    The source of the pain is easily identifiable…at the outside edge of my foot about halfway between my heel and toes. I haven’t recently had any sort of heavy impact of which I’m aware to that area.

    I should mention this pain goes on and off and has for years. Sometimes it’s so bad I can’t walk; most of the time it doesn’t hurt at all. However, it’s always the same foot in the same place.
    Okay, I’ve done some more looking for the medical terminology, but the best way to describe WHERE it hurts is where the fifth metatarsal meets the cuboid. If that confuses you, there’s a picture at

    • ANSWER:
      The most likely cause of your pain would be from a subluxed cuboid bone, not heel pain like some others have mentioned. The cuboid moves out of position just slightly and is no longer sitting firmly in place. So, when you place your foot down, the cuboid moves just ever so slightly and you get pain.

      A second consideration would be tendonitis of what is known as the peroneus longus tendon which runs in the area of cuboid and travels up around the ankle to the outside of the leg.

      Either one of these conditions is readily treatable by a qualified podiatrist. Since you have had it for years, chances are it is not going to go away on its own.

    Stinging pain on the outside of my left heel?
    I’m a dancer and whenever i try to stretch my hamstring or flex my left foot i get this stinging sensation on the bottom outside edge of my left heel. It literally feels like someone is shoving a knife under my skin. And it’ll happen sometimes just when I’m walking or when I bend down to pick something up from the ground. It’s really hindering my performance in dance and I’d like to know what might be happening.

    It’s been going on for two to three weeks now.

    • ANSWER:

      First of all I am sorry to hear that this pain prevents you from doing what you love so much – Dance.

      From your description it is difficult to know exactly what is wrong with your foot.
      It could be anything from “Plantar Fasciitis” to a nerve related issue.

      In order to provide you with the best possible assistance and diagnosis, please answer these short questions.

      1) Is it extra painful in the first steps in the morning?
      2) Does the pain go away after rest?
      3) Does it also hurt when you are not standing/walking?
      4) Is it sensitive to the touch?
      5) Do you have high or low arches?
      6) What kind of shoes you usually wear (day to day)?
      7) Is there any swelling or bruising visible?

      Here are some suggestions for things you can do right now.

      * Ice your heel/arch at least 4 times a day – You can roll a frozen bottle on the floor with your foot.

      * Buy off the shelf gel inserts that you can wear in your shoes (when not dancing)

      * Stretch your legs and feet before activity or before getting out of bed in the morning.

      * Avoid wearing “cheap” shoes like flip flops – they provide no support for your arches.

      * Stop dancing for a week or so and see if there is some improvement with the pain.

      Again, if you can answer my questions above I will be able to help you further.

      You can write to me directly if you prefer, my email is in my profile.

      Good luck and feel better!

    Question about foot pain-?
    The outside edge of my right foot hurts when I step on it with all my weight. However, it doesn’t hurt when i push and rub it with my fingers. The pain is right under that bump in the side of your foot. What could this be and should I get checked out?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes get it checked out asap. Feet we have for life, so if anything goes wrong, best to have it sorted, if you want to keep your foot for life. Good Luck

    What injury happened to my foot?
    So, while running in lacrosse, the bottom of my foot started to hurt. It’s slightly before the arch(or at the beginning of the arch) but after the ball of my foot. It hurts when I’m walking at the point when I lift my other foot up to take the next step. It’s not swollen or red and I can walk without pain on the outside edge of my foot.

    • ANSWER:

      First of all I am sorry that you have this pain which prevents you from running/walking normally.

      However, from your description it is very hard to determine what is wrong with your foot
      It could be a bruise, or even a case of Plantar Fasciitis.

      Here are a few things you can do:

      1) In general you should be completely resting your injured foot – No walking at all (use crutches if needed).

      2) Ice your heel and arch at least 4 times a day, either by applying ice directly or by rolling a frozen bottle under your heel when you sit down.

      3) If you can massage it, then do so lightly to help with healing.

      Now, In order to understand your condition better and to give you a better diagnosis please answer these questions:

      1) Is it sensitive to the touch/press on it?
      2) Where exactly is the pain located in your arch (is it towards the heel)?
      3) Do you have high or low arches in your feet?
      4) Is the pain just as bad as when you were “injured” or there is some improvement after resting?
      5) What kind of shoes you usually wear?
      6) Is it “extra” painful when you get up after a night sleep?

      Again, if you can answer these then I will be able to help.
      You can write to me directly if you prefer, my email is in my Yahoo profile or

      Good luck and feel better.

    Why the sudden foot/ankle pain?
    My ankles and feet have been in agony as of late. I do stand all day at work in one spot but it never bothered me before other than the typical discomfort from working. I can barely walk because every step is painful. My dog accidently jumped on my foot the other day and it actually brought tears to my eyes. I get pain across the top of my foot and especially the outside edge, all the way down to my toes. My ankle doesn’t rotate like it used to but I’m not sure if its something wrong with the ankle itself or if its just the fact that I’m moving my foot. It almost feels like something is pulling in my feet. After work I also have a hard time moving my toes. I haven’t injured myself that I’m aware of and it affects both feet. I’m making a Doctors appointment but was just curious as to what it could be.

    • ANSWER:
      sounds like it might be a sprain…or maybe a slight fracture of the foot. Fractures can turn into breaks if you’re not careful.

    Is my foot pain plantar fasciitis? How should I treat it?
    Late last week, my left foot started to hurt on the outside edge. I thought it would go away shortly, but it didn’t. My foot still hurts, but the pain has migrated to the back of my arch. I’m not in pain all the time. It goes away when I sit (no surprise there) and often when I go barefoot. How should I treat myself? The pain seems to decrease when I press something against my arch. Right now, I have a nerf ball taped to the bottom of my foot. Is that a wise treatment, or would it harm me?
    My everyday shoes were an old pair of running shoes or an old pair of slip-ons. I think that my continued wearing of them has caused my pain. What should I do for footwear? What kind of exercise is good? I like to run, and the lack of vigorous aerobic activity is maddening.
    I have normal to high arches.

    • ANSWER:
      Go barefoot as much as you can on natural surfaces.

    How can you tell if you torn a ligament in your foot?
    About 5 months ago I started playing basketball, and walking to get some exercise. Now about a week into doing this I noticed that the swelling in my left foot was not going down. And every now and then I get a serve shooting pain on the outside edge of my foot. So when I went to the Dr.’s for the first trip they sent me for x-rays, and it showed nothing was broken but the pain was still there. So I went to see a foot specialist and he sent me for a nuclear bone scan, and that just showed a possible stress fracture in my heel but that isn’t where it hurts so he then sent me for a blood test to see if I had arthritis. Now that came back negative. So basically what I have is my foot swollen around the top and bottom of the ball of my foot and pain serve pain down the side of foot all the time and NO answers. Anyone know what this could possibly be?

    • ANSWER:

    Can you help? I have constant pain in my left foot.?
    My left foot hurts constantly. I’ve seen the podiatrist and a rheumatics. The test are negative for arthritis and I’m having an MRI of my foot done this Friday. All the “normal/common ailments have been ruled out, but I’m worried the MRI won’t show a fracture because the pain is all over my foot from the top to the outside.

    Here are my symptoms:
    *pain ranging from minor and nagging to severe and I’m in tears.
    *swelling, but very little
    *no discoloration of the skin
    *pain on the top of the foot, but also along the outside edge and sometimes elsewhere, but mostly those places
    *cannot point toes without lot of pain and can’t kneel all all.
    *I walk with a marked limped, but sometimes I don’t limp much and other times I wish I had a cane.
    *shoes don’t make it much different
    *the pain comes and goes all day.
    *when I lay on the bed and roll over the pain is is most severe when I point my toes.
    *sometimes I feel a burning sensation on the top of my foot.
    *the bottom never hurts.
    *sometimes the pain is so sharp my foot will want to jerk.
    *only my left foot hurts
    *soaking (hot or cold) doesn’t seem to help.
    *sometimes the pain goes up the side of my calf.
    *it’s often stiff after I’ve been sitting (even for a few mins)
    *and the base of my big toe sometimes has a stabbing pain.
    *its hurts the same if when I’m walking, standing, sitting or lying, but the pain comes and goes as changes in it’s severity.

    I’ve had the pain for a few months now and it’s gotten to where all I want to do is sit on the couch and then I have trouble getting up!

    Have you had anything similar? Any ideas?
    EDIT: I am going to a doctor. They don’t know what the cause is…yet. Perhaps the MRI?

    It isn’t Plantar. that was ruled out.

    • ANSWER:

    Whats wrong with my foot!?
    Okay so the other night I was out with my friends and we walked around for hours and hours cause we were kind of really drunk later in the night after I sat down for awhile and when I got up I had this intense foot pain like on the whole outside edge of my foot. It’s not going away and it doesn’t really feel like it’s sore.. it feels like I did something? so what could I have done to it?

    • ANSWER:
      it might have something to do with the shoes you were wearing, how you were sitting, or something you did while you were drunk,(if its swollen you should ice it and elevate it) and if it doesn’t go away in a couple days see a doctor.

    Foot’s in a lot of pain – do I have to go to the hospital?
    Yesterday I jumped into my friends pool but misjudged the depth and jumped into the middle where it was still somewhat shallow. I landed on the outside edge of my foot and I heard a faint crunching sound (like when you crack your knuckles). I could barely walk when I got out of the water and the fastest I could move was at a normal walking pace, but that was extremely painful and I kept losing balance. After I sat down for 10+ minutes I got up and realized my foot was completely locked up.
    I ended up just going to sleep later and figuring it’d be fine, and today it has this pinkish splotch over the hurt area and is still painful, but I am able to move all of my toes without too much pain. I’m still limping a bit, but I can bear keeping my foot flat if I force myself to since I’m pretty tolerant of pain. I can walk at a normal pace and even run up my stairs if I grit my teeth…so do I HAVE to see the doctors, or should I just wait until tomorrow to see if it heals more? My dad says I may have a hairline crack but I’ve researched broken feet today and apparently the only way to tell is with an x-ray – even though my dad used to be a paramedic.
    Your thoughts?

    • ANSWER:
      I think ur dad is right a hairline fracture is a thin crack in the bone, i would go and see a doctor and in the mean time dont walk on it and use ice around it

    I had a cortisone shot on the inside of my heel. I now have pain on the outside just to the underneath. Why?
    I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis then got the cortisone shot. If you stand with your feet together then roll your feet onto their outside edge to put pressure on the side edge of heel, that’s where it is sore.
    The shot was given in August & had no pain up until a week ago. I’ve been active ever since. I don’t have a spur. I had an x-Ray. My fascia doesn’t hurt either.

    • ANSWER:

    can sciatic nerve pain go down the outside of the calf muscle and back of calf?
    ive had it before when pregnant and it ran its typical course across my tailbone and back of my thighs
    this pain today is down the outside of my left calf and into the edge of my foot and the back of my calf is severely tender

    • ANSWER:
      That sounds more like you are pinching the nerve root of S1 in your lower back. You should see an orthopedic doctor for this and going through physical therapy can help this.

    What did I do to my Foot?
    Last night I was playing volleyball, when my teamate and i both went for the ball he dove for it and i jumped up. When i came down i tripped over him, and landed on the outside edge of my right foot. I heard a big pop when I did. I was in imense pain. I put ice on it. This morning there is not much bruising, just a little on the top, and not much swelling, also a little on the top. but it hurts very badly and i cannot put any pressure on it or straighten my foot. The pain is on the inside edge of my foot (i hit the outside edge when i fell), and on the top of my foot. please advise, because idk if i should go tot he doctor, or wait for it to heal.
    I am leaving tommorrow for an eight hour trip to compete nationally at bible quiz, so thts why its kinda urgent, cause i will be walking around alot up there, and right now thts not really possible. maybe Ill just bring some old crutches.

    • ANSWER:

    RUNNERS: I have Flat Feet, however, my shoes wear out on the OUTSIDE edge? Why is that?
    Technically I have flexible flat feet, which means that I’m a carrier of the flat foot gene and I don’t feel pain from it. My foot still flattens when I stand, but when I lift my foot up, the arch forms again.

    So since I have flat feet, I’ve always been buying Stability running shoes( I run Track and X Country ). But the thing is, I noticed that on every pair of shoe I’ve worn, they always wear out of the OUTSIDE edge of the shoe as oppose to the INside edge, which is usually the case for flat feet people who over pronate.

    So does that mean I’m one of those odd people who have flat feet but don’t over pronate or what?

    So what type of shoe should I get?

    *** also, I’ve developed IT Band Syndrome several times already and it’s really bothering me cause it’s affecting my ability to run at my best during races.

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, you could be one of the rare people with low arches that under-pronate. However, your tendency to get ITB friction syndrome could be the result of you running in the wrong shoes.

      Double check the wear pattern on your shoes. If you really do over-pronate, your shoes should show wear on the outside on the back of the shoe, and on the inside in the front of the shoe. If you really do under-pronate, wear will be more on the outside, as you indicated.

      It can be hard to detect the wear pattern on some shoes. Here is a suggestion I saw once: Next time you get new shoes, get a set of paints in several colors. The type of paint should bond to the material your soles are made of. Paint the bottoms of your shoes. Let it dry thoroughly. Paint the bottoms a contrasting color. Let that dry. Then paint the next contrasting color. … and so on … . Run normally until the original sole begins to appear. Your wear patterns should then be easy to see and to analyze.

      Also, is running the only thing you are using the shoes for? If you are doing other things in those shoes, those activities can affect your wear patterns. (I once had an altered wear pattern because I did 200 jumping jacks before each run, on concrete or asphalt. This caused additional wear under the forefoot.)

      You should also double check your arch flexibility. Try the wet footprint test to start. Bare your feet, create a puddle on concrete, or have a friend with a garden hose wet your feet. Then walk through the puddle to a dry spot on the concrete. If you have a camera, take a picture of your footprints. If you have a high, rigid arch, there will be a narrow band connecting the forefoot and heel of your footprint. The band may even have a gap in it. If you have a low, flexible arch, there will be a wide connection between the front and back. Here is one guide to the results:

      However, one shortcoming of the wet footprint test is that it indicates how your arches behave when you are walking on a hard surface. What you really want to see is how your feet behave when you are running, in the shoes you have. Some sports medicine services can have you run across plates that sense pressure as you go across them. They can also video tape you as you run on a treadmill, then analyze your gait.

      Since you already have running history, you are right in looking at your shoes’ wear pattern. (It is better than the wet footprint test.) A wear pattern that is primarily on the outside (both front and back) suggests you should get shoes that have more cushioning.

      Unfortunately, there are variations in running shoe terminology. In the terminology I use, someone with flat feet would be interested mainly in motion control shoes. Stability shoes would be for those with medium arches with average pronation, and would be more cushioned that motion control shoes.

      As I said earlier, ITB friction syndrome can be caused or aggravated by not having the correct shoe for your biomechanics. Running in shoes that are too hard can contribute to ITB friction syndrome. [1] Although cushioned shoes are more common for runners with rigid, high arches, who tend to under-pronate, they may help you. Some stores refer to cushioned shoes as “neutral” shoes.

      Take the picture of your wet footprints with your current and old shoes to a store that specializes in running. Consult with the person there.

      Also, a tendency toward I.T.B. friction syndrome could be the result of a bio-mechanical difference between your right and your left. (One contributor is having one leg slightly shorter than the other. [1]) You may be able to consult an orthopedic technician, and get an orthosis (orthotic). Finally, there are several questions and answers about I.T.B. friction syndrome on Yahoo! Answers and other places on the Internet. (Some of the Y!A ones are by me.)

      (Edited 1 day and 3 days after post.)

      Here is another Y!A Q&A from a runner who has ITB friction syndrome:;_ylt=AmPIXl7mTJCT69173XwzQwPsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100926124344AAKF1Gx&show=7#profile-info-HEiWPYZYaa

    I think I messed up some ligaments in my foot or something…help!?
    I had a bad blister on the ball of my foot, so all last week I walked on the outside edge of my foot. This week, my foot has been hurting terribly when I walk. It’s kind of a shooting pain on the outside of my foot, right in front of my ankle. What can I do to fix this?

    Also, my arch is pretty low…I’m not sure if that’s important.

    • ANSWER:
      I would go to the doctor or try not to walk as much, put ice on it, and maybe wear some comfortable shoes , or like padding on the bottom of the foot. Oh and i like your avatar!

    I have a bad habit of standing on the outside edge of my feet?
    So, i’ve had this habit since i was a little kid where when i’m standing, i would shift my feet and the placement of my weight so that I’m standing on the outside edges of my feet. It’s a really bad habit that my mom’s trying to get me to break, and I already have knee problems that were hereditary along with my habit creating ankle issues and hip pains, which then throws off my back.
    I’m not wearing braces, because they’re expensive and i can’t fit them with my soccer cleats. Soccer and swimming are the only times i don’t stand on the sides.
    My question is How the heck do i break a habit before it permanently damages my legs if I can’t even realize i’m doing it 75% of the time?

    • ANSWER:
      Like any habit, it’s going to be tough to break, but keep focused.

      Ask people you’re with to point out when you’re standing on the outside of your feet – sometimes we don’t even realise we’re doing our bad habits, and we need prompting to make us aware of it. If you’re embarassed, write a code word on your hand – having “FEET” written in a place you’ll see it will remind you not to do it.

      Wear shoes with a little heel – it’s VERY hard to shift your feet in heels without noticing! Either you’ll stumble, or correct yourself straight away.

      Use your imagination to keep you standing tall – imagine a string pulling you up from your head. Keep your shoulders back and your feet shoulder-width apart. This will improve your posture all round.

      Good luck!

    Can you help me with heel pain!?
    I am 27 years old and have recently become aware that I require a wider then normal shoe if I am going to be standing for any particular amount of time. I always had foot pain and it took until someone mentioned my shoes might be too narrow that I realized that my feet were incredibly cramped in my current shoes. So I went out and bought a new pair of Rockports. They are a wide shoe and it has taken some getting used to. My feet feel great as far as spaced out and I really feel that I have a better center of gravity. Before, with narrow shoes I would actually stand and roll my ankles towards the outside of my feet only standing on the outer edge of my foot. I figure now because I felt out of balance

    NOW MY PROBLEM: It did not take anytime, however, for this heel pain to start up! The pain while walking radiates just above my heel on the outside of my right foot. It would be below what I would consider to be my ankle, but JUST above the cushion part of my heal. The pain is a hot pain localized to an area no bigger then a quarter. In the evennings after I have taken my shoes off the muscles in that area begin to tighten and feel stiff. If I were to step on something in the right spot with that heel (i wouldnt say middle to rear of heel) it will be recieved as a sharp pain. (even things like the edges of a rug if it hits the right area in my heel). Now it is ONLY my right heel that experiences this problem. I have noticed no pain in my arches, and have tried message gel insoles. What should I do? and what might help? Thank you for taking the time to read about this problem. It is really beginning to get to me.
    I should also add that I do have a natural tendency to walk with my toes pointed slightly outward.
    I don’t wish to just use pain pills, I would like to correct the problem and will probably be going to a doctor soon. BUT I would like to go in with a little knowledge AND would like to do something about it until I can get in to see one.

    • ANSWER:

    best cross trainer or athletic shoe for wide feet with a high arch?
    I have wide width feet a high arch and as such a tendency to roll my feet outward, so the outside edges get worn down quicker than the rest, and often get foot pain- i would be wearing these to the gym for use on treadmill, weighttraining, maybe a few classes

    • ANSWER:
      for wide feet, ive found that my best bets were with adidas. they tend to have a greater amoun of cross trainers too which will help you out

    Pain in my ankle (achilles Tendon?)?
    I had Osgood-Schlatter 2 years ago and ever since its been gone ive had pain in my ankle that keeps me from walking w/o pain.
    I know that the week or 2 after it was gone I started my Health class which made me run 1 mile or so. After that class my feet kinda dropped done with each step making a sort of clapping sound.
    So since 2 years Ive had this pain and doctors tell me its nothing, and to just stretch it and it will go away by itself. I know how useless my doctors are because they said the same about Osgood-Schlatter.
    Any idea what it could be? Anyone ever have this?

    The only other clue I can give you is that I walk on the outside edge of my foot because it eases the pain a bit. Im thinking its something with my achilles tendon but my doctors say its not…..

    • ANSWER:

    Weird symptoms…any ideas?
    I’m going for a blood work up and ECG tomorrow. Anybody shed any light on this?

    This is what I’ve got: Thrush, what seems to be a cold (mostly sore throat) missed period (negative pregnancy test). Palpitations (last 6 weeks), nausea, sickness (last 2 weeks), terrible indigestion every day, and foot pain on the top outside edge of both feet (very bad)

    Any qualified people out there with any ideas as to why I’ve got all this now? Apart from the papitations, the whole lot has come on in the space of 2 weeks. I feel generally ill as well, despite being a regular at the gym and a mostly healthy eater. I don;t smoke and I drink very little, I’m 23.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not officially a doctor yet, nor I’m qualified enough to give you any technical advice, but I think that your problem is based on hormonal disturbances related to your female sex hormones.

      I recommend you to do the following diagnoses:

      1. Blood tests: LH / FSH levels, estrogen / progesterone levels, hCG levels (commercial pregnancy tests are sometimes not good enough).

      2. Abdominal ultrasonography to check for any organic abnormalities. Abdominal CT scans are a better yet expensive option if you can afford it (only if ultrasonography gave negative results).

      3. Blood culture to check for any previously unknown infection (this one is indicated if the above ones are negative).

      DISCLAIMER: These are NOT mandatory instructions for you. If you want to follow these instructions, follow them at your own risk. Otherwise, see your gynecologist and follow ONLY his/her instructions and don’t sway towards any folk or traditional therapies / remedies that may worsen your condition.

      Hope you get well soon.. :)

      Amr Abdelbadee

    I have a swollen foot due to ankle sprain/fracture, should I see a doctor?
    I twisted my ankle by stepping off a high curb and landing funny in the rain. I was able to get up and hop but the pain was nearly unbearable. Day 1 – I got some crutches, iced, wrapped, and elevated during sleep. Day 2 – Bruising begins to set in along the outside edge of the ankle. Day 2.5 – I’m alarmed because my foot continues to swell. There is now light bruising on the inside edge of the ankle. More disconcerting, there is bruising at the base of my toes and the toes themselves are bruised a light blue. I still cannot walk without crutches. I decide to see a doctor the next day. Day 3 – Swelling seems to have plateaued. Bruising continues in same spots. However, I can hobble on the foot without crutches if the foot is wrapped.

    So, now it is Day 3. I am in a foreign country where they don’t take medical insurance. Should I see a doctor or does the fact that I can actually walk a little mean I have nothing to worry about?

    • ANSWER:
      Its hard to tell without an xray image but it most likely a severe sprain. If the symptoms seem to get worse in the next 36hrs you may need a Dr.

      (this part is only for third and some second world nations)

      The cost factor in foreign nations varies but if you are in a developing or second world nation their could be an local charity clinic to aid you such as Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross/Crescent and the UN. Few doctors may be able to speak english but if this is the case it will be vary obvious after you point to the location where you are hurting. DO NOT allow them to give you shots, cut on you. As they may not be sterile.

      But either way when back in the states I would see my local physician and go from there.

    I hurt my foot, but I can’t figure out what’s wrong?
    My dad refuses to take me to get x-rays until Friday, because it’s apparently “not serious” unless it’s painful to walk for four days.

    On Monday night, I went for a long walk, in the rain, and my shoes got really tight (my socks got all wet and swelled up, making my shoes too tight for my feet).
    My feet were a little sore that night, but since I dance and since I was in character shoes all weekend for a play (1 1/2 inch heels), I expected my feet to still be a little sore.

    I woke up the next morning, and the outside edge of my left foot hurt to put pressure on. I ignored it, because it wasn’t that bad, but while I was getting ready for the day, I put pressure on it at a weird angle, and got a shock of pain through my foot and up through my ankle.

    I brushed it off, as usual. It still hurt a little going through the day, and after gym class, it hurt so much I had to go to the nurse to get an ice pack (which didn’t do all that much). It got so bad that I was having trouble walking, and the pain was radiating up my ankle.

    My parents brushed it off, told me to rest it, so I did. I woke up this morning with no improvements, and went through the day with no improvements. There isn’t any pain when there’s no pressure on my foot, but it does hurt to rotate it.
    What could be wrong with my foot? My parents don’t think it’s a stress fracture, because I can still walk on it, but I’ve never broken a bone, so I don’t really know what it feels like. I’ve never had any part of me hurt like this…

    • ANSWER:
      I believe people can walk with a stress fracture, I always hear of athletes that have been performing with one before x-rays showed the fracture. There are so many tiny bones, ligaments, and tendons in the foot, it could be anything. Your parents need to take you to a podiatrist asap.

    outer edge of foot hurts after running?
    I just started running more about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been running on a treadmill for about 20 minutes a day x 5 days a week. I ran for the first time outside for a little over 30 minutes. Didn’t feel much pain. About 30 minutes after resting the outer edge of my foot hurt really bad when I put pressure on it. I’ve been walking with a limp for two days. It’s right below the huge bone that’s on your ankle, but closer the the bottom of my foot. Should I go to the doctor? Trying not to.

    • ANSWER:
      If it continues to hurt without running, then you will need to see the doctor.
      I am not sure why the foot began to hurt if nothing changed as far as shoes.
      Unless your turned the ankle while running outside, and you would have noticed then there isn’t a reason for it to hurt outside if it doesn’t hurt to run inside.

    Do I have a Stress Fracture?
    I run everyday, about 8-9 miles. I just recently noticed a sharp pain on the outside edge of my left foot that gets worse when I put weight on it. There is no swelling and it doesn’t hurt to press on the area. Could this possibly be just a strained muscle/tendon in the area & how can I know for sure or is it a stress fracture? ANY help would be highly appreciated. Thankyou.

    • ANSWER:
      a stress fracture is usually tender to palpation

    Foot and Leg pain… Painful to touch?
    Alright here we go…

    I have not had any kind of injury, I have not done anything out of the ordinary that would strain my ankle etc….

    Basically it just hurts. The best way to explain where it hurts is like this – if my leg and foot were square it would be on the edge, not the side of the “square”. Its on the outside of my leg/foot. My ankle doesn’t really hurt. It doesnt usually make it worse to walk – only sometimes. It does hurt when I stretch my foot out though.

    One symptom that surprised me a lot… I was trying to see if there was a bruise (there wasn’t) and when I touched my leg down by my foot it HURT LIKE HELL. It’s WAY oversensitive there. Just barely touching it feels like someone is punching me. But it doesnt hurt AT ALL in that area of my leg unless you touch it… I didnt even know it hurt right there until I touched it.

    Does anyone have any kind of idea whats going on?
    none of the things listed in the second response. no swelling either, just pain

    • ANSWER:
      You basically need to see a dr.

    Is something seriously wrong with my foot?
    I got new shoes before going to college. They had a lot of arch support and I’m not used to wearing shoes with tons of arch support as I usually wear Etnies which are pretty flat. After wearing them a few times I began to get pain in the ball of my foot near my big toe. I continued wearing them figuring they just needed to be broken in. One day I had a sudden stabbing pain there while walking in these shoes and was unable to walk normally for a good 5 minutes or so it hurt so bad. The only way I could walk comfortably was to walk on the outside edge of my right foot (my left foot was never bothered by these shoes). After this I had no more problems wearing these shoes and didn’t experience much pain.
    However, I found a pair of my AE clogs and started wearing those instead of the shoes. Now for the past few days I have been experiencing intense pain on the top of my right foot near my big toe. The pain is about halfway between the big toe and where my leg connects to my foot. It’s about where if you feel your foot tracing from the big toe, the foot bumps up a bit. Where you go from touching the long bones to the smaller shorter bones of the foot. My foot hurts a lot when I walk, I’d be unable to run if I tried, and when I move my big toe up and down it feels very painful and almost as if there’s a grinding between bones right there.
    I don’t have a doctor nearby and am not sure if this is just from switching back to shoes with minimal arch support or what. Anyone have any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      This is really wierd uhh it could be a nerve? Pinched maybe ornot used to the difference in shoes. Go to and us symptom checker. I was able to self diagnose w/ it

    can someone please help with pain?!?
    long story short, when i was five i was skipping down a ramp in high heels at a wedding (haha i no i ws stupid, didnt even know what a broken bone was) i broke a part in my foot, i broke my ankle and i damaged a growth plate. now, six years later it still causes pain. that ankle is like a magnet for injuries. i have sprained it at least nine times since then, i have broken it i think four times and in the winter it hurts soo much i feel like crying all day, it also gets hard to walk cuz its cold and i get a lump on the outside edge of my foot (where i damaged the growth plate) and the lump is the size of a golf ball. i have went to the doctor mutiple times each saying it is sprained or broken. and the last doc said that i would out grow it. i havnt gone to the doc eversince and i dont know what to do about it cuz it hurts so much. right now its not even cold out and my friends can already see that i am limping. what shhould i do about the pain? is the doc right that im gonna out grow this?

    • ANSWER:
      you need to change your doctor, see another one and get it checked. The ‘golf ball’ that you described could be fluids collecting, this would indicate that you probably have ‘arthritis’ in some of the joints in your foot. keep it as warm as you can.

      there are products on the market like ‘joint ace’ have a few different creams and tablets that you can take.

      you should also start on a glucosamine supplement.

    Sore Outer Edge of Feet?
    For the past couple weeks, the outside edges of both my feet have been really sore. It hurts when I stand on them, it hurts when I walk on them, but the worst pain is when I lay down. When I lay down, and feet are just resting on my bed, it’s SO uncomfortable. When I turn my feet inwards, and take all the pressure off the outside edges of my feet, it feels a lot better, but it’s pretty strenuous to keep that position for a long time, especially when I’m trying to fall asleep. In the past couple days, my back has started to get really sore as well.

    If anybody knows anything about what this could possibly be, please let me know! I’m debating whether or not I should see a doctor.

    I wouldn’t describe myself as really overweight, but I’ve got like 10-15 extra pounds, so I don’t know if this makes a difference? I’ve really always been like that, and I’ve never had pain like this before, so I don’t know if they’re related.

    Please get back! Thank you all! :)

    • ANSWER:

      From your description it is difficult to determine the exact cause of your pain, but it sounds like some sort of an injury or maybe a nerve related issue.

      If you can answer these question I might be able to give you a proper diagnostic:

      1) Is it extra painful in the first steps in the morning?
      2) Does the pain go away after rest?
      3) Does it also hurt when you are not standing/walking?
      4) Do you have high or low arches?
      5) What kind of shoes you usually wear (day to day)?
      6) Where exactly is the pain located in your feet, is it in your heels?
      7) Is it sensitive to the touch?
      8) DId you start any sports activity lately?
      9) Do you remember hurting/injuring your feet in any way recently?

      Here are some suggestions for things you can do right now.

      * Ice your feet at least 4 times a day – You can roll a frozen bottle on the floor with your foot.

      * Buy off the shelf gel inserts that you can wear in your shoes.

      * Stretch your legs and feet before activity or before getting out of bed in the morning.

      * Avoid wearing “cheap” shoes like flip flops – they provide no support for your arches.

      Again, if you can answer my questions above I will be able to help you further.

      You can write to me directly if you prefer, my email is in my profile.

      Good luck and feel better!

    What to do about an injured foot?
    A few days ago my husband and I walked two miles round trip to do a bit of grocery shopping. I was wearing flip flops because of how short the distance was, but kept tripping on the sidewalk. When we got home the outside edge of my right foot started hurting whenever I would walk on it, and now the pain has spread, making it difficult to even walk a short distance. I am planning on making a doctors appointment for next week, but I was curious if there was anything I could do to help alleviate the pain in the meantime? And if anyone has any idea what I may have done, please feel free to give your input.
    I have iced it, and that seems to help. It doesn’t make a difference when I wrap it. It’s not swollen, and doesn’t swell even when I walk for long periods of time. My husband was rubbing it earlier and found the most tender spot. He said it could be the possibility of a bone spur, but he’s not sure. When I tripped, I hit the pavement really hard so it would make sense. I will take some ibuprofen and see if that helps. Having an eight month old makes it difficult to stay off of the foot, but if I walk on the ball of my foot it doesn’t hurt, it just causes a limp. If I don’t walk on the ball, I have to walk slowly and with care. In the mornings it’s the hardest to walk at first and sometimes it feels like my ankle might give out. Tomorrow I am calling the doctor and hopefully I can get an appointment for Tuesday or Wednesday. This isn’t the only thing wrong with me at the moment, so they’ll have their hands full. lol
    Also, thank you for your answers. They are very helpful and informative. Hopefully I can ease some of the pain before the appointment.

    • ANSWER:
      To ease the pain, you can take ibuprofen or any similar anti-inflammatory as directed on the medicines instructions. You can elevate the affected foot on a pillow when lying or sitting. You can avoid walking unless necessary. And finally you can immobilize or stabilize the ankle with a immobilizing boot or ace wrap.

    Is there any surgery that correct pain in the ankle and knee?
    For quite some time now I have had knee pain in my right knee. I think the cause of the knee pain is that I was taller and weighed more than normal size boys in middle and high school. I played basketball during this time as well, so the constant running could not have been good for my knee. It is just my right knee that I am experiencing pain in. The left feels okay. This last week I twisted the knee, which did not help the pain already there to begin with.

    My ankle pain is relatively recent. Last year I received two Grade 2 sprains and one Grade 1 sprain in my right ankle. For both of the Grade 2 sprains, x-rays were taken, but all were inconclusive because of the growth plate still open and because of size of the swelling. After the second Grade 2 sprain, I began walking on the outside edge of my right foot without letting it heal. Since all these sprains, my right ankle is considerably more loose than my left.

    I have constant pain throughout my right knee and ankle. I am 18 now and planning to become a police officer when I turn 21. But with the pain in my leg, it may be harder than it should be.

    Is there anything like surgery or something else that can correct the pain in my knee and ankle?

    • ANSWER:

    How to stop swelling/pain and recover (fast) from my rolled ankle?
    I rolled my left ankle playing basketball around 3 weeks ago. It was really swollen at first, especially at the “outside ball?”, sort of the knob on the outside of your ankle. I iced it, then heated it for a couple days, and used crutches. I walk with anlke braces now, but it’s still quite swollen there, and the side of my foot, the left edge of my left foot, sort of hurts from the pressure. i need to be up and running ASAP. Help?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there!

      Theres a few guidelines to follow when recovering from this sort of injury,

      take a look down at the 2nd page of this and use the PRICE guidelines, but make sure NOT to elevate and compress at the same time.

      It sounds as if you just need a little more time to rest, but theses principles should get you back up and playing again quickly, if not id recommend a physio.
      Good Luck!

    What is wrong with my ankle?
    My right ankle never hurts when I walk or run on it, but when i lean on it (like when I am balancing on the outside edge of my foot as if I am going to roll it), it is very painful. What could be the cause of this? I’ve had few ankle sprains in the past, but never had chronic pain by putting a little pressure on it.

    • ANSWER:

    Running injury?
    Last saturday, I did a 10k race. It was on a sidewalk the whole way. Starting about 3 hours after the race and lasting the rest of the day, I was having a pain in my foot. It’s on my right foot, and just the entire outside edge would hurt. I hadn’t ran since then, and it wasn’t hurting since Saturday evening. This morning, however, I went for a short run and it promptly started hurting to the point where it is extremely painful to be walking.

    As I stated, it is the outside edge of my foot, and it feels like it is internal but close to the surface, possibly on the bone. Any ideas on:
    a) what it might be?
    b)what can I do for it?
    c)any way to prevent it in the future?
    Thanks for your help!
    I don’t know if this changes anything, but I was just coming off of a rest period from doing a 30k and a 24 hr relay two weeks apart, so I had only been running for 2-3 weeks at the time of injury. I was going every other day.

    • ANSWER:
      you may have a stress fracture.

      you can take advil or something similar for the pain and to help with any swelling. ice and elevation might help, too

      if it is a stress fracture, there isn’t anything you can really do but wait it out.

      prevention… don’t run on concrete. it has no give and all the impact is on your feet and legs. really hard packed dirt can sometimes cause the same thing. blacktop is almost as bad. grass or a rubberized track can be best.
      the other thing you can try is the gel inserts. if you go that route, make sure you have them with you when you buy your running shoes. that way, you can get shoes which will accommodate the inserts.
      good luck

    in pain, ouch!!?
    Can sciatic nerve pain go down the outside of the calf muscle and back of calf?
    ive had it before when pregnant and it ran its typical course across my tailbone and back of my thighs
    this pain today is down the outside of my left calf and into the edge of my foot and the back of my calf is severely tender

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, sciatica can go all the way down your leg. It is usually related to the lumbar spine.

      Try a neurologist &/or acupuncture. Try 2 Advil or Aleve.
      Try an ice pack on your lower back…about 10 minutes.

      I had a bulging disc L5-S1 & had sciatica.
      I went for acupuncture 2X/week for about 3 months, did deep breathing & haven’t had sciatica since. …that was 9 years ago!!

      Good luck to you

    Is it likely that something is wrong with my foot?
    Tonight my foot got hit extremely hard by the bottom edge of a metal door. There is a small cut on it and my whole foot is a little swollen but the point on my outside foot (where I got hit) pops out. At first I couldn’t walk on it without limping and now everytime it touches something I get a sharp almost tingly pain where I got hit for about 2-5 minutes. However, I do have an extremely high pain tolerance. For instance when I broke my collar bone badly I was able to move my entire arm fully with no pain. I don’t think anythings wrong but I’m just checking. Thank you

    • ANSWER:

    (Help!) Have you ever…?
    …have that feeling where a bone in your body hurts, but you know it’ll go away after it cracks? I kind of have that feeling in my right foot…

    But it just won’t crack! It’s been hurting for 2 days (outside edge of foot, about half way down) and if I put my weight on it, the pain would be pretty bad (sometimes my leg buckles too).

    I haven’t hit my foot against anything recently.. No outside signs of bruising..etc. It looks normal.

    Have any idea what could be the problem, and how I can stop it from hurting? I want to go back to jogging, and not to mention prom in a week!

    • ANSWER:

    The outer side of my foot hurts after running. Help!?
    I’ve been running moderately (about 1-2 miles/day a few times each week), but two days ago I felt great and went for a 4.5 mile run, which is the most I’ve ever done in my life. I felt great afterward, and the next day I was totally fine. At my job, I am continuously on my feet for 8 hours (no sitting allowed), and during the day yesterday, after about five hours, my left foot started throbbing. I didn’t know what it was from, but it hurt so badly that I could barely stand on it. I continued working and went out that night, and it ached all night. When I came home, I massaged it and rubbed it and then went to bed, figuring that it would get better. But this morning it hurt just as badly, and when I tried to go running, despite the pain, I was only able to run a quarter mile, and then I had to walk back home because it’s so painful.

    When I step on my foot, it hurts along the outside on the bottom (not the arch, but the very left edge of my left foot). It radiates from about an 1 1/2-2 inches below my big toe to 1 1/2-2 inches above my heel, just in the middle, and it hurts along the side of the foot as well. It almost feels like an intense cramp, and if I try to stretch it, it sometimes feels like it’s cramping up. However, after rubbing it, I discovered that the main source of pain is actually right above that, on the top of my foot. It’s a spot below the ankle, on the very outer side of the top of my left foot, about the size of a nickel. When I press on it, it feels good, but it also hurts terribly. It’s a little swollen and red.

    Does anyone know what this is? I don’t know what to do! I want to run so badly, but it hurts! Now I can hardly stand, and I have to work tonight! Right now, I’m just laying in bed, with my foot elevated, and I have it wrapped in tape. I’m also icing it on and off and I took two aspirin. Is there anything else I should do? How long will this last? Thanks to anyone who can help me. I can’t believe I injured myself this badly after one little run!!

    Also, I don’t know if this helps answer the question, but I have really wide feet. I’ve never gotten special shoes for it, but I think I should. They’re wide and they don’t have much of an arch. They’re not totally flat, but I don’t have a significant arch. Sometimes, when I’m doing a workout DVD in my sneakers, the sides and arches of my feet hurt so badly that I have to take my sneakers off and finish the workout barefoot, which I know probably isn’t good. I read that maybe I hurt my foot because my shoes weren’t wide enough and they squeezed my feet, but I didn’t experience ANY pain while running, so I don’t know if that’s the problem. Maybe they don’t have enough support and I should get arch inserts? I don’t know, but thanks anyone for any help you can provide!
    OOPS, I didn’t mean my big toe, I meant my pinky toe! It hurts on that side of my left foot.

    • ANSWER:
      Working out barefoot is better for you, so is running barefoot, but any strenuous activity is going to give you some aches and pains if you’re pushing yourself too far with it.