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If you have chronic pain in your heel, you may have a condition known as plantar fasciitis. This condition occurs when the ligament that runs across the bottom of your foot becomes inflamed. It is often associated with heel spurs (calcium deposits on your heel) but you dont have to have heel spurs in order to have plantar fasciitis. This condition can be extraordinarily painful and usually occurs as the result of injury (particularly running or jumping on hard surfaces), chronic stress on your feet, obesity or ill-fitting footwear. If you notice that your heel pain occurs first thing in the morning, or right after youve been resting for a considerable period of time, chances are the ligament underlying your arch is inflamed.

If you believe you have plantar fasciitis, you should talk with a podiatrist about your treatment options. Most podiatrists will recommend resting and icing the foot. But proper footwear can also help to alleviate heel pain (especially for those whose non-supportive footwear caused the plantar fasciitis in the first place). Some people claim that a simple change such as replacing flat-soled sandals with Birkenstocks completely eliminated any heel tenderness, even when they spent all day on their feet. Others arent so lucky. In more serious cases, a podiatrist may recommend customized shoe inserts (orthotics).

There are several brands of orthopedic shoes that may be appropriate for people suffering from plantar fasciitis. Names to look for include: Acor, Bite, Comfortrite, Darco, GentleStep, Finn Comfort, Kumfs, Mephisto, Merrels, Naot, Orthofeet, PW Minor, Standing Comfort and Sanita.

In general, you want a shoe with a slightly raised heel (look for something elevated 1 to 1 inches). The shoe should be highly supportive. Make sure it has a heel counter. This is a plastic insert that cups your tendon and heel and is concealed within the fabric of the shoe. Take your thumb and press down on the back of the heel. If the heel bends inward (so that it is inside the shoe), the heel counter is weak and wont give you much support. You will also want a shoe with a removable insole so that you can insert your own orthotics if you need customized support.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Best nursing shoes for plantar fasciitis??? help!?
    I am a nurse and have plantar fascitis. I have tried what seems like every kind of shoe known to man (crocs, danso, etc). I currently wear Nike Shox, which are great for my first 12 hour shift, but when I have to come back the next day for another 12 hour shift, my feet KILL after about 2 hours. I need some advice on if there are any other types of shoes I can get… I said, my feet are great the first day, but the next day im in absolute agony!! it makes it hard to work…please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Hey! I’m nurse too and I had the same problem as you. Here in Canada we have a foot store called Canadian Footwear where they sell New Balance Shoes. I know you can buy these shoes in the US I just don’t know where. (Check yellow pages.) I needed them for arch support and because I tended to walk on the side of my feet, so I need a “rollbar” as well. These shoes while costing me 0 were worth every penny and more. My feet no longer ache anymore even if I do a double shift. Good Luck!!!

    What are the best shoes for someone with plantar fasciitis?
    I have plantar fasciitis, mainly in my left foot, but also in my right. Last year at this time I could barely walk. It has definitely improved but I need some good shoes to wear so that it doesn’t get that bad again. I have a pair of Nike Air VXT II and I love them but I can’t find them anymore. Any suggestions?
    And also, I’ll be starting an externship in the medical field in a few months and it is required that I have a pair of white Oxford style shoes. Does anyone know which ones have the best support in them?
    I have tried the inserts for my shoes but they make the pain worse. I’ve actually been doing stretches for the better part of a year and they definitely help. The main problem I have now is the shoes. If I don’t have good shoes on, the pain starts up again. I have looked everywhere but I can’t seem to find anything that has enough support.
    Thanks for your suggestions, though.

    • ANSWER:
      Dawn, I don’t have an answer for your shoe problem but do for the plantar fasciitis issue. All that is needed is a simple exercise done at least twice a day and the problem should be controlled. Now I must state that the problem will come back if these movements are not done daily. From either a long sitting position or on your back with the knees absolutely straight have the muscles of the feet pull the feet towards the shins. The only movement that occurs is at the ankle and you will know that it is working as there will be a pulling in the calves. Hold that pull for about 10 seconds and then rest for a second or two. Repeat this until you have done about five to ten of these. Do this right before you go to bed and right after waking up. Once you learn how to do the basic movement it can also be done from a standing or sitting position but it is most effective when done with the knees straight. The next movement is done from a full squatting position but the heels must stay in contact with the floor. You may have to hold onto something to maintain your balance but stay in that position for about thirty seconds. Do this twice a day also. After a few days there should be a relief of the pain and dysfunction. As for the shoes you should look for something that has a good arch and has shock absorption in it.

    Recommended Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?
    I have had Plantar Fasciitis for well over a year now and I was wondering what the best shoes are? I was wearing “asics” shoes as they have comfortable gel inside. I was wondering what else there is? Would I be able to wear a pair of Nike Air’s considering they focus on comfort?


    • ANSWER:
      Any shoes that provide maximum support to your arch will be good. You could consider using normal shoes with an insert cushion but this depends on how acute the pain you have is (this is very important because you may end up doing more harm than good if you don’t provide adequate support. I’d say the safest thing is to try to get shoes designed to offer strong arch support.

      There is some useful information here:

      Hope this helps.

    Which is better adidas, nike or new balance…reebok?
    I’m an avid runner and has been suffering from plantar fasciitis (heel spur, heel pain).

    Any advice which running shoes is best for me… adidas, nike or new balance…or reebok ?

    These are the only brands which are easily available here.


    • ANSWER: